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Workwear Meets Streetwear: Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge Pant Review

When you think of low-cost outdoor clothing, what comes to mind? While I love a good used gear sale, I've got another strategy: investing in the most versatile gear possible.
The Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge outdoor pant; (photo/Katie Botwin)
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I don’t want to cut corners when it comes to durability, sustainability, or quality when I’m purchasing apparel to keep me protected from the elements, but sometimes those high-cost items are just a bit out of budget. That’s when I start searching for multiuse products, and to me, it’s like finding a BOGO sale.

With the dazzling world of athleisure making its way into our lives (slight eye roll), it’s not always the exercise-to-everyday wear I struggle to find, but the technical outdoor apparel that can still flex to everyday wear. Thanks to a deal-discerning eye (my mom), I found the Jackson Ridge collection by Mountain Hardwear.

This multipurpose durable cotton canvas collection is designed to be just that: multiuse, without sacrificing durability for versatility. Living in a mountain town, I’ve found that this pant is the versatile apparel I really needed.

In short: These are some of the first multiuse pants I’ve found that do justice in combining outdoorwear, workwear, and streetwear. From the Alps to the Sierras, I put the Jackson Ridge Pant to the test … and may have finally found a pair of pants truly built for mountain living. The Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge Pant ($120) combines lightweight cotton canvas and modern style to create a multiuse pant. For me in the mountains, these pants are the epitome of form and function when it comes to their durability, quality, and overall feel.

Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge Pants


  • Materials 100% cotton canvas
  • Sizes offered 0-16
  • Colors Copper Clay (deep orange), Volcanic (gray), Clay Earth (light mauve)
  • Ankle elastic Yes
  • Belt loops Yes
  • Verified weight 1.08 lbs.
  • Weight of fabric 306 g/m² (size medium)


  • Multiple pockets (and 1 zippered pocket)
  • Multiple color choices (not just tan)
  • Durable across activities
  • Durable after repeated use
  • Flattering and comfortable fit
  • Also offered in a bib version


  • Button on waist closure not very burly
  • Not water-resistant or waterproof
  • Only one inseam length offered (no short or tall sizes)

Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge Pant Review

(Photo/Katie Botwin)

The Fabric: 100% Cotton, but Hear Me Out

Let’s get this out of the way: this pant is cotton. Rarely is cotton the best fabric when it comes to breathability, rain, weather resistance, and a whole bunch of other factors. In lower-to-medium-exertion activities (aka not the high-cardio sweats you’ll encounter snowboarding), cotton can be great. At the very top, it’s great for durability.

When it comes to outdoor apparel, you’ve got to look at players like Carhartt and Dickies that have been around since day one. The high-durability, workwear-specific apparel category has grown to include plenty of fantastic cotton-canvas iterations from the aforementioned, plus Dovetail, Filson, and LIVSN in recent years.

I hadn’t had many run-ins with cotton canvas until I found the Jackson Ridge Collection, but now, I’m ready to roll around in whatever thorns and foxtails are thrown my way. Cotton canvas is what you want when you purchase workwear — it’s a mix of rigid canvas and relaxed cotton, creating an easy-to-maneuver fabric that stands up to prickly burrs and prickly ski bums alike.

And you don’t need to have chores like chopping wood to justify these pants — they’re perfect for rooting around a backcountry campground, too. So, with that out of the way: yes, there are times and places when you should consider cotton.

Testing the Jackson Ridge Pant (and Bib)

The bib version of the pant in action while chopping wood; (photo/Katie Botwin)

I put Mountain Hardwear’s cotton canvas fabric (the pant and matching jacket) to the test at cabins in Tahoe and Italy. And, I tested in plenty of outdoor locales in between. While my testing included everything from trudging through dense undergrowth to scraping up against wood piles, not one hole appeared in these beauties. And though they’re tough, these pants aren’t overly stiff.

Whereas I’ve had to patch puffy jackets for looking at a bush wrong, I’ve legitimately attempted to shimmy myself up a tree, resulting in no fabric issues on my Jackson Ridge kit. There is no doubt this is a utility-first pant and jacket.

I was lucky enough to photograph a friend and fellow tester, Gloria, at her cabin while testing out the Jackson Ridge bibs. On a property in the woods, she is a pro at chopping down trees and splitting wood, demonstrating how these pants/bibs stand up to every challenge. Later that evening, she wore the bibs to a ski movie and even got a few compliments on the style.

A view of the pant fabric; (photo/Katie Botwin)

But if it’s just a durable exterior you’re looking for, there’s plenty of other choices. The interior (and comfort) matters too. I love the lined insulating warmth that these provide. They’re perfect for cold-weather wear, whether that’s in the woods or around town.

With 40g of insulated liner in the body, my friend wore these while relaxing in her (quote) “drafty ass” cabin and when working outside cold weather. We noticed how well placed the pockets — two chest hand pockets and two rear patch pockets— are, capable enough to stash tools, gloves, and earplugs.

Another awesome detail is the zipper along the bottom hem that easily covers up footwear like boots, preventing the forest from making its way into your socks.

These pants are one of my favorite finds because unless someone touches the cotton canvas, they would have no idea they are work pants. Tapered legs and elastic cuffs add a jogger style without looking overly designed, while belt loops and pockets aplenty keep them ready for work.

Mountain Hardwear Jackson Ridge Collection: All in All

Durability is key when finding an outdoor pant that can withstand hard use; (photo/Katie Botwin)

My life is nestled into the trees along the shore of Lake Tahoe, a place renowned for mountain-town high prices. (Ever heard of #TahoeTax?) I’m always looking for multiuse clothes few reasons: One, so I can save money, and the other so I can save space — because my tiny Tahoe place can’t fit a whole lot.

Though it’s hard to find apparel that is truly versatile, the Jackson Ridge Pant provides a durable layer for the woods that can flex to camp and beyond. (The bib and jacket also deserve a mention, I learned after testing.)

I’m wary to say the Jackson Ridge Pants do it all — but they truly do a whole lot. From workwear to general wear and even the occasional snowshoe-in-the-Alps-wear, the Jackson Ridge Pants were my ideal companions for months of testing.

Cotton isn’t great for every outdoor pursuit, but in camp, at the cabin, and in hard-use scenarios, it gets the job done.

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