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Make Skiing Fun Again: Shinesty Outfits Keep Slopes Weird

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Shinesty wants to see every skier in neon onesies and banana hammocks. Seriously.

“We created Shinesty for one reason and one reason only: To bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen.”

This statement sits proudly on the website of Shinesty, a two year old retro and, um, whacky-weird-fun clothing brand based in Boulder, Colo.

In college, Chris White and Jens Nicolaysen didn’t know one another but they were connected nonetheless. Nicolaysen saw weekend parties as opportunities to dip into his costume bin and put together something outrageous. His outfits always produced smiles. White was the type of college student to wear a mullet wig and jean short-shorts to class.

Skiing Is ‘Fun’

When the pair met in Colorado’s Front Range, they noticed something disappointing about the ski industry and culture.

“We saw skiers taking themselves way too seriously, like, way too seriously,” Nicolaysen explained. “Skiing is fun. Period. We wanted to remind everyone about that, to shed the uptightness.”

Everyone in the Shinesty family loves wearing outlandish clothes everywhere and to every type of occasion. But it’s not easy finding quality products that aren’t priced up by consignment shops or eBay trolls.

“We all felt is was too hard to find really unique, quality stuff,” Nicolaysen said. “So, like the first person to grab a cows udder and start milking it, somehow it just made sense to start Shinesty,”

Shinesty launched during the Christmas season of 2014. “We threw a site together with a few products and they sold out the day we released them,” Nicolaysen recalled. “We kept adding more and more and the same thing kept happening. Fast-forward 2 years, and here we are.”

Bibs, Onesies … And Banana Hammocks

Since going live, Shinesty’s neon “LET’S GET WEIRD” battle cry has been echoing around ski resorts all over the West. Bibs and onesies are the best sellers in the ski category.

But, it’s not all laughs, whacky designs, and spread eagles.

Real Gear

In addition to the hilarity associated with 1980s-esque, hyper-colored, tight-fitting gear, the bibs and onesies are actually performance based, featuring a kangaroo storage pouch, thoughtful venting, a waterproof and breathable membrane, and DWR treatment.

Among the more iconic products are American Flag Ski Bibs. For $200, you get the above tech features in one of the more bold patterns found on the slopes. They, like many products by the brand, are available for both men and women.

Not ready to rock the patriotic stylings? The brand has all kinds of quirky themes, from St. Patricks Day to Western (although some are more lifestyle than tech). Browse the website to get ready for a day at the slopes or your next costume party.

Shinesty: Wacky Fashion At Fair Prices

Skiing can often be considered a financially exclusive sport. High gear costs make entry difficult for the Average Joe and Jane. But Shinesty’s direct-to-consumer platform allows for low prices, which in turn optimizes its mission to bring the fun and giggles back to the sport.

Insulated onesies cost under $250. Fleece jackets come in well under $100, a bikini is $70, and a banana hammock will cost you just $40 — if you dare.

“We set our bar at the outrageous and really weird,” Nicolaysen said. “And we want everyone to join us there.”

Nicolaysen, White, and their employees, who have titles like Token Vegan, “Chief of Feel Goodness and Grand Master of the Rave Cave,” develop their products from the ground up.

And along with ski-centric clothes and outerwear, Shinesty offers sunglasses, party business suits, and beachwear. The brand also serves as a marketplace for other feel-good brands like Pit Viper.

As for the future, according to Nicolaysen, the sky is the limit, or maybe it’s outer space.

“In twenty years, we’ll have diversified. We’ll be raising genetically modified exotic animals and plant species that will inevitably put us at odds, and sometimes even in semi-violet clashes, with PETA and Monsanto. Chances are high that we will have landed on the moon. And we will have definitively answered man’s most perplexing question: If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?”

If you take yourself too seriously, you are not safe from the bodacious and sophomoric reach of Shinesty. All it takes is five seconds (or less) on the website for something to become quite clear: Get Shinesty to get weird, get radical, and, most importantly, get a big ass smile on your face.

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