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Future Cycling Gear: 2018 Eurobike Awards

Eurobike gives us a peek at the best products hitting the cycling market. Here are the show’s award recipients — from startups to sustainability to the best-in-show Gold Award winners.

Eurobike Awards 2018
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Just as Germany’s Outdoor Show previews the future of gear in outdoor recreation, Eurobike gives all a peek at the best products hitting the cycling market. Here are the show’s award recipients — from startups to sustainability to the best-in-show Gold Award winners.

Bold Unplugged Enduro Bike

With shocks and cables integrated into the frame, Bold aimed at preventing dirt from clogging up suspension on heady enduro rides. Judges applauded the enduro bike’s reduced maintenance potential.

Vaude Green Core Tricot

Vaude Green Core Tricot cycling coat

Stretchy, quick-drying, and windproof, the Green Core Tricot jacket from Vaude took home a Green Award. Made from merino wool mixed with recycled synthetics, plastic bottles, and castor oil, the Tricot received acclaim from judges as “a clever combination of high-quality materials.”

Finish Line Tubeless Tire Sealant

Finish Line tubeless tire sealant

Finish Line says its “unique formulation” of tubeless tire sealant will never dry out and lasts the life of the tire. Judges presented it with a Green Award for its potential to keep more punctured tires, tubes, and old sealant out of landfills.

Homage Commuter E-Bike

Homage e-bicycle

Riese & Müller nabbed a Gold Award for the Homage e-bicycle. In addition to dual batteries for double the range, the bike’s standout feature is its anti-lock brake system. Judges loved the feature, saying it would provide “inexperienced and elderly riders in particular a feeling of extra confidence and safety.”

SmartFit Bike-Sizing App

Smartfit online bike sizing app

Type your height into SmartFit’s electronic bicycle sizing app, and it will calculate ranges for your arm and inseam, which you can adjust as necessary. Coupled with the app’s catalog of brand bike sizes, SmartFit will spit out the best bike size for you in the bike you’re looking at. Judges loved SmartFit, giving it a Gold Award.

Pashley Bicycles Bike Share

London bike share bicycle

Charging capability while riding, laser beam safety lanes, GPS routing, and a host of other innovative features make Pashley’s latest London bike-share ride one of the most tech-forward bikes out there. Judges awarded it Gold, calling it the “ideal” build for bike-share operators.

GEOS Gravel Bike

GEOS gravel bicycle

Looking at the GEOS Gravel bike, you’d hardly know it housed two batteries for extra power. Judges called this pedal-assist ride “the most smart, tidy integration of battery and lighting.” And the GEOS nabbed a Gold Award for its minimalist look.

Ortema Ortho-Max Light

Ortema Ortho-Max Light

Guard your spine and kidneys from the worst off-road tumbles. Judges gave the Ortho-Max Light back protector a Gold Award for its full spinal coverage while remaining well-ventilated and comfortable.

STAGE Helmet

STAGE helmet

Nothing offers more protection for your noggin than a full-face helmet with MIPS technology. And with the STAGE, Troy Lee Designs has its lightest full-face offering ever. Judges gave the one-piece, “extremely low weight” skull bucket a Gold Award for its design.

INpower Direct Power Meter

inPower Direct Mount Road cycling power meter

The Rotor INpower ROAD power meter’s being “very light” at an “extremely reasonable price” won it the Gold at Eurobike. Nearly impossible to spot, the power meter is built directly into the axle.

Sandini SleepFix Pillow

Sandini SleepFix kids cycling pillow

For kids riding along in a trailer, a bike ride can be very relaxing. That’s why SANDINI made the SleepFix — an around-the-neck pillow that prevents a small child’s head from tilting awkwardly when they drift off. Judges presented it a Gold Award for innovation, design, and value.

SQlab Grips

SQlab cycling grips

With four different designs, each in three sizes, SQlab probably has a grip to fit almost any rider for most cycling needs. Judges gave the grip line a Gold Award for value, design, innovation, and materials.

by.shulz D.2 ST Ri Dropper Post

by.shulz D.2 ST Ri dropper post mountain biking

Why not have a dropper post for urban cyclists too? That’s the thinking that won by.schulz a Gold Award at Eurobike. The D.2 ST Ri seatpost allows commuters to lower the saddle at stoplights. Then, when the light is green, the post returns to its preset height with the push of a button. Judges called it a unique safety feature that could encourage more people to try commuting by bike.

Wike Salamander Cycle Stroller

Wike Salamander Cycle Stroller

A bike when you want it, a stroller when you need it, the Wike converts from one to the other. Judges called the Wike an “outstanding design” and liked the ease of conversion.

Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec E-Trike

Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec e-trike

Judges called the Scorpion pedal-assist tricycle a “genuine substitute for a car.” With a top speed of 28 mph, head and taillights, turn signals, a horn, and more, it might just be that.

Urban Arrow Cargo E-Bike

Urban Arrow cargo e-bike

Urban Arrow offers a peek at delivery service innovation. While bike messengers love the iconic oversized backpacks, this modern cargo bike offers insulated storage for food delivery — keeping hot foods hot and cold drinks cold.

Pyrobikes TwentyFour Ultralight Kids' Bike

Pyro Bikes TwentyFour Ultralight kids bike

Kids weigh less, so their bikes should too. Enter Pyrobikes’ TwentyFour Ultra, a 3-pound hardtail that’s easier for smaller riders to wield. Plus, a lack of carbon in the build keeps the cost down.

Ceepo Shadow-R Tri Bike

Ceepo Shadow-R triathlon bicycle

In the quest for fastest road bike, all companies strive for “peak aero.” And with the radically designed Shadow-R, Ceepo claims to have achieved just that. With no seat stays and an unrecognizable fork, the Shadow-R wowed judges.

Cortina Common Commuter Bike

Cortina Common commuter bicycle

Cortina’s belt-drive-equipped grocery-getter earned praise from the judges as an affordable and sensible bike for urban dwellers. And the brand touts the bike’s Atran Velo System (AVS) that allows riders to clip various accessories like baskets onto the front and rear racks.

CermicSpeed Driveshaft Bike

CeramicSpeed DrivEn dive shaft chainless bicycle

CeramicSpeed made waves at Eurobike this year with its Driven system. This unusual drivetrain system purports to have supplanted the chain-derailleur-cog system that’s dominated the industry for decades. In its place, CeramicSpeed has a 13-gear toothed plate in the rear that’s spun by driveshaft. This isn’t a production item yet — just a prototype.

SeveniDP Knit Knee Pads

DiveniDP knit cycling knee pads

Knee pads don’t have to be uncomfortable. That’s the tack SeveniDP took in developing its knit knee pads. Judges liked the feel and breathability of the pads.

Evoc Neo Backpack

Evoc Neo cycling backpack

The Evoc Neo backpack not only holds key gear and a change of clothes, it also offers back protection for nasty falls. Judges liked the concept, awarding it for both design and function.


M99 Taillight 25

M99 cycling tail light 25

The M99 Taillight 25 is six times brighter than the brightest road-legal bicycle taillight. And it’s the first taillight with an integrated lever-actuated brake light. For those features, judges dubbed it a worthy safety product, awarding it accordingly.

Knog Plus

Knog Plus rechargeable bike lights

The bike light that’s more than a bike light, the Knog+ (Plus) carries a versatile design. With a magnetic mount, it can attach to your handlebars, seatpost, seat stays, or fork. But its shape also makes it wearable — so runners, hikers, and campers can clip to a shirt, backpack, hat, or tent.

Woom Kids' Helmet

woom kids-specific bicycle helmet

Kids aren’t just smaller than adults, they also have different proportions as their bodies grow. So woom developed a youth helmet that isn’t just scaled down, it’s intentionally molded to better suit the shape of a growing child’s head. And while that’s all well and good, judges applauded the colorful aesthetics, saying, “If a product aimed at children is to succeed, it has to look good. And the bright colors of these helmets certainly tick that box.”

DT Swiss F 535 One

DT Swiss F 535 One mountain bike fork

Progressive travel and a hybrid spring set this all-mountain fork apart from the rest. DT Swiss combined a coil spring and air spring for added sensitivity. And it designed a dampening system that compresses slightly on small bumps — progressively more with increased load. Judges awarded it for “state-of-the-art technology.”

Busch & Müller µ

Busch & Müller µ minimal taillight

Busch & Müller introduce the “world’s smallest LED rear light.” Advertised as the size of a thimble, this anodized aluminum-housed light received high marks from judges, who called it “tiny,” “elegant,” and “an excellent addition to safety.”

Publikums TriEye

Publikums TriEye integrated rearview mirror cycling glasses

Reduced bulk and enhanced ease of use: That’s what Publikums sought to accomplish with the TriEye. These rearview mirror-equipped cycling sunglasses did just that and won a Startup Award for the ingenious concept.


AeroPod aerodynamics cycling meter

Don’t just measure watts, measure aerodynamics. It sounds far out, but that’s exactly what the AeroPod does. This power-measuring device also measures air resistance. The idea is that riders can adjust their riding position for optimal aerodynamics.

Tune Black Burner 29 TE

Tune Black Burner 29 TE carbon bike wheels with textile spokes

It’s not just carbon rims that make the Tune Black Burner 29 TE wheelset so light (about 2 pounds) — it’s the fabric spokes! We’ve covered the emerging trend of textile spokes, and Tune’s award-winning iteration proves it’s a growing concept.

Bosch Kiox

Bosch Kiox cycling computer

Judges lauded Bosch’s cycling computer for ease of use and minimal design, awarding it for fulfilling racers’ “the smaller the better” ethos. With just a 1.9-inch display, the computer tracks heart rate and location. It also has Bluetooth capability and a magnetic attachment, which judges appreciated.

Tektro E-MTB Disc Brakes

Tektro e-mountain bike disc brakes

Tektro received an award for an e-MTB-specific brake setup. Thicker pads reduce heat buildup and should endure the motor-assisted demands with less upkeep than traditional brakes.

Sigma ROX 12.0 SPORT

Sigma ROX 12.0 SPORT cycling computer

The ROX 12.0 SPORT marks the first GPS navigation system from Sigma Sport, and judges agreed the U.K.-based company offered a winning product. Its standout feature is a direct Wi-Fi link that automatically syncs riding data to training apps like Strava, Komoot, GPSies, and TrainingPeaks.

STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Cycling Trainer

STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Cycling Trainer

With “zero noise” and “zero tire wear,” STAC Performance claims to have solved these two setbacks to home bicycle trainers. Instead of a roller that actuates resistance via the rear tire, the Silent Smart Trainer uses powerful magnets to create resistance. And it does so without touching the wheel, so there’s no tire wear and almost no noise.

Flectr 360 Reflector

Flectr 360 bicycle reflector

Flectr rethinks safety reflectives by wrapping around the rims. These adhesive-backed reflectors utilize modern rims’ arched profiles to create “360-degree visibility.” Judges appreciated the added safety in an aerodynamic and low-weight application.

Schwalbe E-MTB Racing Tires

Schwalbe e-mountain bike racing wheels

Judges loved this innovation from Schwalbe: tires designed specifically for e-bikes. Built to be more like a motocross tire, the aggressive Eddy Current front tire tugs through corners while the rear bites into off-road terrain.

Burley XC

Burley XC bicycle trailer

Burley introduces an update to the mono-wheel suspension bike trailer. Judges liked the quick-release thru-axle, and Burley touted its tool-less adjustable yoke and “widest range of tire and hub compatibility of all single-wheel trailers.”

Overade Loxi

Overade Loxi waterproof cycling pack

Nine liters of storage, a built-in combination cable lock, and waterproof, roll-top construction make the Loxi a durable storage option for commuters. And judges nodded to it as “a practical accessory for urban cyclists.” Loxi attaches to the frame like a rear pannier and doubles as an impromptu lock for quick stops.

Benno Boost E

Benno Boos e-bicycle

The Bosch motor-equipped Benno Boost E has more storage space than a traditional bike and is nimbler than a cargo bike. It accepts a range of accessories like a baby seat, racks, baskets, panniers, and more. Judges liked the design’s versatility.

Veer Split Belt Drive

Split-belt drive

Veer won a Startup Award for creating a removable carbon belt drive. The Split Belt Drive presents the possibility of modifying almost any bike to be a belt-drive bike. Judges called it “true progress” if it becomes commercially successful. We’ll keep an eye on the technology.


COLEEN urban unisex bicycle

Belt drive, leather saddle, and a cleverly hidden motor complement a unique, modern design. The pedal-assist COLEEN won praise as an “elegantly” crafted urban commuter.

Velco Wink Bar

Wink Smart cycling handlebars

Make any bike smart with a swap of the handlebars. The Wink Bar offers three helpful features: The app-connected bars have integrated headlights, a light-actuated navigation system, and anti-theft GPS tracking. Judges gave maker Velco a Startup Award for the creation.

PED Smart Pedal

PED smart bike pedal

Add more safety to your ride with the “world’s first smart bike pedal,” according to its manufacturer, SpeaRoad. Not only does the PED have integrated lights for added visibility, it also offers functioning turn signals. Best of all, the electronic pedals recharge via the rider’s pedaling action.


Trenux folding bicycle trailer

Simple, foldout storage is the idea behind Trenux. This bicycle trailer offers more than 2.5 square feet of storage when unfurled. But an innovative folding mechanism means riders can minimize the trailer and carry it like a rear rack.

Muli Cargo Bike

Muli cargo bike

“Everything about the muli is just right.” That high praise earned this convertible cargo bike the Startup and Gold awards from judges. The design pairs a short-wheelbase bike that handles like a normal commuter with a 100-liter foldable front cargo area that expands with one hand.

Chike E

Chike E cargo bike

This novel child-carrying bicycle sports a tilting chassis that makes maneuvering with a young one in front easier. Best of all, a chassis lockout allows for easy loading and unloading. The front compartment is made of weather-resistant Cordura, and a large front window aims to make the ride more enjoyable for young ones.

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