‘A Space for All’: BIPOC Mountain Biker Brooke Goudy Shares Her Joy for Bikes

Brooke Goudy is paving the way for future BIPOC riders. This short film documents a lot of that story.

Brooke Goudy wants women of color to know that they belong in the mountain bike community. So, she’s sharing her story. “A Space For All is a short film about representation, community, and the work that Brooke is doing to get more people of color to experience the joy of bikes,” wrote the film creators.

“Society might place limits on women, and women of color. But [with] mountain biking, I feel like there are no limits,” Goudy said. Body, mind, spirit. Mountain biking is about pushing yourself, but also enjoying that feeling, and so much more.

But the film isn’t just about Brooke Goudy. It’s about everyone — everyone who wants to learn and could benefit from the joy and thrill and challenge that is riding bikes.

Soha Yu (left) and Brooke Goudy (right) high-five while straddling their bikes
Soha Yu (left) and Brooke Goudy (right).

Produced by Yeti Cycles, Pearl Izumi, and Deuter; directed by Drew Bennett. Filmed in Boulder, Colo.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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Mary Murphy

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