Watch: Vicki Golden Gets Sendy at Red Bull Imagination Showdown

This year, Vicki Golden was the only female participant at Red Bull Imagination. This short film captures all the behind-the-scenes goodness of what it’s like to freeride motocross like a pro.

Thanks to Bell Helmets, you can now get an inside look at what it was like for Golden to be the only female freestyle rider in the Red Bull Imagination competition.

“Derived from a passion for stylistic expression on two-wheels and placed in the gorgeous Great Plains of Kansas,” wrote Red Bull, the 2-year-running Imagination event sets out to highlight the most skilled freeriders in the world.

29-year-old Vicki Golden rode alongside big motocross names, like Imagination creator Tyler Bereman, Josh Hill, Ryan Sipes, Cole Seely, and nine-time X-Games medalist Colby Raha.

Vicki Golden freeride motocross riding with one hand sticking out, soaring through midair

The course consisted of sections like the “Big Dawg,” the “Technical Jib,” and the Supercross Zone. And Golden dominated in all three.

Runtime: 10 minutes

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