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‘All In’ Multitool Hides In Bike Crank

all in multitool fits inside your bike 2
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The All In Multitool fits within the crank of a mountain bike and works for most trailside repairs.

All in Multitool Fits Inside Your Bike

Always have a tool for trailside repairs… that’s the promise of the All In Multitool. This slick tool fits entirely within the crank hollow of compatible mountain bikes. It anchors inside with neodymium magnets.

The tool contains four Allen wrenches, a Phillips screw bit, and a T25 torx bit. It weighs a mere four ounces.

Italian high school mechanics teacher Giacomo Macoratti, who designed the tool, presented the All In Multitool at the Enduro World Series in October 2016.

Riders needing quick fixes on long rides simply pop the tool out of the crank and get to wrenching.

all in multitool fits inside your bike
Spot the multitool

The Gear: All In Multitool

The tool’s six bits, which are interchangeable, fit onto a socket to crank down on bike parts. All of these pieces fit inside the tool body.

All in multitool fits inside your bikeThe bits will work for a majority of repairs, but will only go so far. It was designed to hold only the essentials (there’s no chain-breaker tool, for example). The company is working on more versatile future iterations.

Does it fit in all bikes? The company designed it to work with as many bikes as possible, though there are a few stipulations:

  • Your axle diameter cannot be larger than 0.83 inches / 21 mm.
  • Because it’s magnetic, the crank needs to be steel.

If the tool doesn’t work with your bike, the company offers free money-back returns.

We cannot attest to how it impacts pedaling performance, as we have not tried it out. But from the look of it, this is one slick multitool that’s extremely quick to action.

Pick one up online for $70 and never forget your bike tool again.

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