This Is the Toughest Bike Lock We’ve Ever Seen

The Altor SAF Lock claims to be the ‘world’s first angle grinder proof lock.’ Looking at the photos, we don’t doubt it a bit.

Bike thieves, meet the nuclear option. Comically oversized, the Altor SAF Lock is a ridiculous answer to a seemingly impossible question: How do I keep jerks from stealing my bike?

And it’s an answer with an exclamation point.

Altor SAF Lock: One Burly Bike Lock


Let’s start with one crazy fact. The Altor SAF Lock weighs about 13.7 pounds (6.25 kg) — that’s a modest-size kettlebell. So it’ll serve double-duty doing swings or rows but will totally suck in a backpack on a bike commute.

And the brand recognizes this.

“We designed the SAF Lock to be as strong as possible, not as portable as possible. Keep the lock locked to your rack at home or at your office and have a second, smaller, lock for when you go to get coffee,” it notes on its fundraiser page. Yes indeed!

But for those who do park a bike in the same place day after day, this option is, well, grinder-proof. So how does it work?

Angle Grinder-Proof Bike Lock

Angler grinders are powerful cutting tools. Portable, battery-powered angle grinders can cut through most bike locks in under a minute. So Altor decided to up the ante with a lock so burly that thieves will probably just skip it and move on to an easier target.

And even if they try to target the Altor SAF Lock, the brand claims “the SAF Lock outlasted every portable angle grinder.”

That’s a big claim, and to make it, the brand made one big lock.

It has a diameter of more than 75 mm. For comparison, most locks have a diameter of about 12-14 mm.

Beyond size, it uses a hardened steel core shackle and “grinder disc-eating” SAF Tech shell that destroys the discs used to cut locks.

Could thieves have met their match?

Fundraising Now

We haven’t seen the SAF Lock in person yet, but we’re certainly intrigued. While this one is obviously not good to carry around all day, commuters who want to store bikes near work, or those who need to leave their bikes outdoors overnight, might be well-served with this big bad lock.

It’s not cheap, with an expected retail price of $300. But you can score an early-bird deal at Indiegogo now for $199. If you’re sick of your bikes getting stolen, this one might be worth investigating.

Now good luck finding an equally tough rack to hold your bike!

Sean McCoy

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