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Arcimoto ‘Cybertrike’: The Electric Training Tricycle for Adults

While it seems new bike technology arrives every day, there’s not always a clear goal behind the products. At Arcimoto, the goal is explicit: sustainable mobility.

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The core concept of building accessible, low-impact mobility solutions drives Arcimoto’s development of electric vehicles, including its newest e-bike hybrid: the Cybertrike.

Part e-bike, part tricycle, and part stationary trainer, the Cybertrike combines several existing models for something new. It’s the mid-level version of Arcimoto’s Mean Lean Machine, another electric vehicle aiming to change how people get around.

The Cybertrike comes with three-wheel-drive thanks to three independent motors. A tilting suspension helps keep the rider in an upright position even when the rig’s on a slant. And it gets what appear to be solid carbon fiber wheels to keep the weight down.

“The beauty of three independent motors becomes apparent when you’re on rough roads or taking tight turns,” Arcimoto Mechanical Designer Leo Cruces said in a promotional video. “We’re excited to get it into testing and final production so you can have this experience, too.”

arcimoto cybertrike
The Cybertrike; (photo/Arcimoto)

Riders can take full advantage of assisted pedaling or just use the thumb throttle and avoid pedaling altogether. And as part of the design process, Arcimoto is also finalizing attachment points like bottle cages and racks.

While it’s clear that this is still firmly in the prototype phase, Arcimoto mentions the inclusion of a pedal generator “for speed control and stationary recharge.” Based on the short clip of a rider pedaling a stationary Mean Lean Machine in his garage, it would seem that production models may have the ability to act as a stationary trainer while also recharging the bike’s battery.

Sustainable Mobility

Arcimoto company founder Mark Frohnmayer spoke at the Ramp It Up event in February. He made it clear that the Eugene, Ore.-based company wants to improve the sustainability of transportation.

He began his presentation by referencing the new GM Hummer, which weighs over 4,080 kg, or 9,000 pounds. Making transportation environmentally friendly isn’t just about going electric, Frohnmayer said. It’s also about reducing the amount of materials.

“Switching to electric is only one piece of the puzzle,” he said. “Right-sizing the footprint of our rides is equally critical.”

Cybertrike: Pricing & Availability

While the company seems confident about this fourth version of the Cybertrike, it’s still on preorder only. Interested buyers can reserve a Cybertrike for $100, which the company says is fully refundable.

Arcimoto has not provided a specific release date for the Cybertrike but will announce plans later this year.

You can buy the original Aricmoto vehicle, the FUV — Fun Electric Vehicle — now, starting at $17,900. It has over 100 miles of range and can go 75 mph.

arcimoto mean lean machine
The FUV, or Fun Utility Vehicle; (photo/Arcimoto)
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