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The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024

Whether you’re out for a quick romp on the singletrack or you’re in the midst of an all-day road ride, we've found the best bike phone mount for your next two-wheeled adventure.
bike phone mount(Photo/Roam)
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These days, between navigation apps, music streaming services, and social workout platforms like Zwift and Strava, many cyclists rely on access to their phones while seated in the saddle. For these riders, the smartphone functions like the dashboard display of a car — information, connectivity, and controls that all exist in a single convenient location.

Modern smartphones aren’t cheap, however, so if you are going to choose to keep your phone attached to your bike while you ride at high speeds and through rough terrain, you’ll want to know that it will stay firmly attached. That’s where bike phone mounts come in handy. These devices are designed to keep your smartphone securely attached to your handlebars while you ride with your display plainly visible.

Different mounts are designed for different kinds of riding. While shopping for the best mount for you, consider your specific needs. Be sure to select a mount that will hold up to the elements it will be exposed to. While some bike phone mounts are great for holding steady during prolonged vibration, others may provide better visibility or water resistance.

In this guide, we’ve compiled our favorite smartphone bike mounts available in 2024. We’ve included various styles with different strengths and weaknesses. Remember, a good phone mount should meet all of your needs and instill the confidence that, while riding, your phone will always be exactly where you want it.

Head down to our buyer’s guide for the full scoop on the different types of mounts on our list, and check out our chart for side-by-side pricing and compatibility comparisons. Also, have your burning questions hashed out in our FAQ.

Editor’s Note: We gave this guide a nice spring refresh on April 2, 2024, adding the Topeak Omni Ridecase DX. The Ridecase proved itself to be a secure phone mount, and we love that you can screw the mounting hardware directly into the fork for a uniquely streamlined central mounting option.

The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024

Best Overall Bike Phone Mount

Peak Designs Out Front Phone Mount


  • Best for Gravel, road, and commuter cyclists
  • Materials Anodized aluminum
  • Works with iPhone, some Android phones
Product Badge The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Excellent rugged design
  • Super-secure mechanical connection
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • 6' drop protection
  • Variety of orientation options


  • Expensive
  • Not all phones are supported
Best Budget Bike Phone Mount

Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount


  • Best for Commuter, gravel, and road riders looking for a functional, affordable mount
  • Materials Polycarbonate, Rubber
  • Works with Universal mount
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Fits a ton of different phones and handlebars
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Excellent price point


  • Less secure than other mounts
  • Long-term durability concerns
Most Secure Bike Phone Mount

Quadlock Outfront Bike Mount


  • Best for Commuter cyclists looking for a solid mount
  • Materials Polycarbonate
  • Works with Most handlebars and most smartphones
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Super secure
  • Landscape & Portrait Orientation


  • Snapping your phone on has a steep learning curve
  • The complete ecosystem is expensive
Best Bike Bag Phone Mount

ROCKBROS Phone Front Frame Bag


  • Best for Storing small essential items during long rides
  • Materials Lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Works with Cellphones less than 6.5″ long
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • TPU film allows you to use the touch screen while riding


  • Slides around on bumpy terrain
Best of the Rest

Topeak Omni Ridecase DX


  • Best for Folks looking for a universal phone mount
  • Materials Polycarbonate, rubber, aluminum
  • Works with Universal mount/top cap attachment
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Top cap mountain system is excellent
  • Very secure mount and case
  • Universal case fits most modern phones


  • Rubber strap covers the screen

SP Connect Bike Bundle 2 Universal Phone Clamp


  • Best for Commuter cycling
  • Materials Polycarbonate
  • Works with Universal mount
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Multiple mounting choices
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • Good value


  • Design is a little finicky
  • The universal clamp is bulky
  • Chinch mount doesn't inspire confidence

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount


  • Best for Riders looking for a solid, good value mount with lots of adjustability
  • Materials Hard plastic and silicone netting
  • Works with Handlebars with a diameter between 0.9 in. and 1.25 in.; any smartphone up to 3.5 in. wide
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Good value
  • Fits a wide range of phones and bikes


  • Not the most durable mount for high-impact mountain biking and other rough riding styles

GUB Bike Phone Mount


  • Best for Riders who spend a lot of time in the elements prioritize durability
  • Materials 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Works with Any smartphone under 7″ long
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Good value
  • Durable metal construction


  • Single-point attachment may not suit handlebars of uncommon diameters

Rokform Sport Series Bike Phone Mount


  • Best for Riding on rough terrain, minimizing resistance
  • Materials Aluminum body and Velcro strap
  • Works with Rokform phone cases or Rokform adaptors
The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024


  • Well-built and durable
  • Low-profile


  • Requires Rokform case or adaptor
  • Expensive

Bike Phone Mount Comparison Chart

Phone MountPriceCompatability
Peak Designs Out Front Phone Mount$70iPhone, some Android phones
Nite Ize Wraptor$23Universal mount
Quadlock Outfront Bike Mount$40Universal mount
ROCKBROS Phone Front Frame Bag$30phones less than 6.5″ long
Topeak Omni Ridecase DX$65 Universal mount/top cap attachment
SP Connect Bike Bundle 2 Universal Phone Clamp$30Universal mount
Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount$13Any smartphone up to 3.5″ wide
GUB Bike Phone Mount$25Any smartphone under 7″ long
Rokform Sport Series Bike Phone Mount$60Rokform phone cases or Rokform adaptors

Why You Should Trust Us

Here at Gear Junkie, there are a few things that remain constant through all of our gear evaluations — we’re looking for the very best gear we can find, while still keeping an eye out for the best value we can get. Our staff includes professional gear reviewers, former racers, recreational cyclists, bike commuters, and everyone in between — people who care about fit, finish, and function.

Our testers spend their time carefully evaluating new products so that you don’t have to, which translates to more time in the saddle for you. We strive to create thorough, comprehensive, and helpful reviews to help you find the best gear for your individual needs. 

This guide is curated, tested, and written by Paul Mandell. Paul has 2 decades of experience in the saddle as an itinerant racer and recreational rider. He completed his graduate studies in exercise science and studied the critical power model for cycling, meaning that he’s no stranger to testing, training, and racing bikes. 

Lately, Paul has been enjoying a return to the “Gotta get up to get down” mentality while in the saddle, and getting back to his roots by ripping around on a steel hardtail, sporting a big, toothy grin and a twinkle in his eye. Tools don’t make the carpenter, after all.

How We Tested Bike Phone Mounts

We started this review by thoroughly researching offerings in the world of handlebar phone mounts and ordering a selection from the standout performances. Then, we established a few criteria to help us evaluate the mounts we selected: 

  • Simplicity: Is the mount easy to set up and operate, or do we need a master’s in engineering to use it? Mounts that scored high in this metric offered easy, intuitive setups, and a streamlined design.
  • Functionality: We looked at how well the mounts worked, namely, does the mount do what the company advertises? Were there any hiccups with how and where the mount engages or disengages? Are there any particularly annoying quirks that would dissuade us from using the mount? Did the design team think things through?
  • Ease of Use: There is some overlap with simplicity here, but it’s important to note that not all simple things are easy to use, like in the case of the Quadlock, which is a simple design that isn’t always easy to use. We evaluated the mounts on how easy it was to install on the bike, and subsequently how easy it was to attach the mount to the phone.
  • Security & Peace of Mind: This one is fairly self-explanatory. We evaluated mounts on how secure they were, and consequently how much peace of mind they offer when it comes to keeping your phone safe and secure. Mounts with a mechanical engagement tended to score higher in this category, like the Peak Designs mount, which features both MagSafe and mechanical engagement to keep your phone secure. Additionally, drop protection on the included cases also carried weight in this category.
Horizontal orientation bike phone mount
The Nite Ize Wraptor allows for horizontal or vertical orientation with just a twist; (photo/Paul Mandell)

Buyers Guide: How to Choose a Bike Phone Mount

As you search for the perfect bike phone mount, consider your specific needs as a cyclist and choose the product that best meets them. It may be a good idea to go for a few rides and think carefully about how you plan to use your bike phone mount.

Do you often ride on rough terrain? Do you often ride in wet or muddy conditions? And do you want to be able to change the angle of your phone’s display as you ride? Asking yourself these kinds of questions allows you to narrow your options and choose a mount that can elevate your experience as a rider.

Every bike mount is slightly different, and there are lots of variations to consider. Some of the key characteristics that differentiate one mount from the next include handlebar diameter, mounting method, smartphone compatibility, durability, design, ease of phone detachment, water resistance, and rough terrain capability.

Handlebar Diameter

Before you purchase, it’s wise to measure the diameter of your handlebars. Choose the specific part of the bar where you plan to install your mount and compare your measurement with the specs of the mount you’re considering.

Most road and mountain bikes have handlebars with diameters between 0.9 inches and 1.25 inches.

Handlebar mount
Mounts that can be tightened down with an Allen key are more secure than Velcro straps; (photo/Paul Mandell)

Mounting Method

Different bike phone mounts utilize different mounting methods. Some, like the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount, attach to your handlebars with a strap that works just like a belt. Holes in the strap offer various options for various handlebar diameters.

Other mounts, like offerings from Roam, mount with a single attachment point and can be tightened with an Allen key.

When selecting the best mount for you, remember that some mounting methods are more robust than others. If you ride often on bumpy terrain, look for a mount that prioritizes stable and strong mounting in its design.

The wraptor
The Nite Ize Wraptor stretches to accommodate most phones but isn’t the most secure for mountain biking; (photo/Paul Mandell)

Smartphone Capability

Measure your smartphone before purchasing a mount. Make sure that the mount you’re considering is compatible with the make, model, and size of your phone. Most modern phones are less than 7 inches high and less than 3.5 inches wide.

Some mounting systems, like the Rokform Universal mount, can be used with any phone as long as the phone is fitted with the proper adaptor. Adaptors are usually manufactured by the same company that makes the corresponding mount, and they’re often sold separately.


If you spend a lot of time riding on rough trails and through wet and windy weather, you’ll want to purchase a mount that is built with durability in mind. Plastic and silicone may not be as durable as similarly priced mounts that are made of metal, like the GUB Bike Phone Mount.


The design of your phone mount determines how it looks on your bike and how much wind drag it adds to your overall rig. Mounts like the Nite Ize are sleek-looking and, as a bonus, they are designed to minimize resistance. Low-profile designs also tend to shake less while riding over bumps and at high speeds.

The Quadlock Outfront Bike Mount is very secure, but we found it takes two hands to connect the phone to the mount; (photo/Paul Mandell)

Ease of Phone Attachment

Depending on the mount you purchase, it can be easy or difficult to attach or detach your phone to or from the mount. Mounts that utilize an adapter system offer a super-quick way to pop your phone in and out of your mount if you want to stop and take a quick photo during your ride.

Water Resistance

A bike phone mount’s water-resistance capabilities should be a consideration for riders who plan to spend a lot of time riding through wet, rainy, or muddy conditions. Many times, the addition of a waterproof case can solve this problem. If this is the option you choose, look for a mount that will still be compatible with your phone while the case is on.

Rough Terrain Capability

If you’ll be primarily riding off-road with your phone bike mount, be sure to purchase a product that will hold up to the kind of vibration your riding style regularly creates. The Peak Design Out Front Bike Phone Mount combines mechanical and magnetic attachment, which offers great stability and security while riding hard on rough terrain.

Both the Quadlock and the Peak Designs Mount require a stick-on adaptor or a special phone case. For security, we feel purchasing the compatible phone case is worth it; (photo/Paul Mandell)


What is a bike phone mount?

A bike phone mount allows a cyclist to view and engage with their smartphone’s display while actively riding. These mounts typically attach to your handlebars and allow your smartphone to function as a mini-dashboard display.

Who should use a bike phone mount?

Not every cyclist prefers to have access to their smartphone while riding. For those who do though, a bike phone mount is a great solution. For mid-ride control of music streaming, navigation, and progress-tracking apps, the smartphone bike mount is the way to go.

What is the best bike phone mount?

Different mounts are better for different riders depending on their features. We recommend all of the bike phone mounts on this list, including the Roam Universal, which is a solid overall option.


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