Bikepack Beekeeping: The Craziest Quarantine Activity You’ve Never Heard Of

What’s crazier than bikepacking? Beekeeping, of course. And then, well, combining the two.

Italian adventure-by-bike team Montanus has created what could be the craziest film of 2020. And that’s saying something.

The film, “Bee Wild Bee Free,” profiles Francesco D’Alessio and Giorgio Frattale, who bikepack and beekeep at the same time. “It was a process that brought us closer to nature and played a significant role in our environmental consciousness,” the team wrote.

Like us, you’re probably wondering why. Well, normal modes of travel haven’t been possible through the pandemic, so adventurous athletes like Montanus have resorted to finding new ways to explore the outdoors. Like all of us, they’ve spent more and more time in their local area.

D’Alessio and Frattale live by the motto “two dudes on bikes and a wild world out there to explore.” And now, that wild world includes the art of beekeeping.

bikepacking beekeepers

Frattale started his beekeeping journey over 2 years ago. Their routine looks like this: They grab their bikes, gloves, and beekeeper’s veils and head out to harvest honey. The two hobbies are as integrated as they can get, short of taking the bees along for the ride.

They’ve grown to make bikepacking-sized honey packets, learned how to make lip balm with beeswax, and more.

“The pandemic gave us the opportunity to embark on a different journey, exploring the world of bees and how these amazing pollinators are so important for the ecosystem,” they wrote. The takeaway? Save the bees, save yourself.

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