Bike Lane To Boardroom: The $400 Bike Pack Briefcase

It’s crazy expensive and super niche, but the new Game Bag from British bike company Brompton is one stylish pack that seems useful for the right person, given they have a thick enough wallet.

Aside from the price, the bag seems well designed for both the boardroom and the bike lane, with stylish but conservative design and fine details you’d expect from an expensive handmade briefcase.

The Brompton Game Bag was developed in collaboration with high-end British luggage maker John Chapman. Handmade in England, each bag is built from cotton canvas with a membrane of natural rubber to improve water resistance.

This week, we got a first look from Brompton at one of the only samples of the bag in the U.S.

Inside, the Game Bag consists of one main compartment, a padded laptop pocket, two zippered bellows pockets at the front, and one side pocket. It easily clips on and off a Brompton bike front luggage holder and has an adjustable strap that can be stowed.

Available in three colors: Olive Green, Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow, the bag is finished with full grain leather and solid brass hardware.

The Brompton Game Bag is available from retailers in April and sells for $403 (US) and $434 (CAN). Visit Brompton for more information. —Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

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