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Bryton Gardia R300L Brings Road Awareness to Every Ride

The Bryton Gardia R300L keeps you aware of your surroundings and can make you safer on all of your two-wheeled adventures.

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Riding on the road can be dangerous, with reports of cyclists being killed by automobiles growing daily. Having extra time to know a car is approaching can be a lifesaver.

A rear-mounted radar like the new Bryton Gardia R300L can give you a sense of control when on the open road and alert you of approaching vehicles faster than any currently on the market (Garmin included).

Bryton Gardia R300L

The Gardia R300L is Bryton’s first radar unit, and it packs a punch with super-long battery life (more on that later). An all-new Bryton Gardia R300L app helps the rider get more from the unit, with how-to information to understand its usage better.

The Gardia R300L functions similarly to other radars on the market. The Gardia R300L also brings some new features to the table, operating without a head unit (when needed) with very (very) easy-to-hear audible notifications. 

Gardia R300L: How Far Away Can It Detect a Vehicle? 

The Gardia R300L detects cars from 623 feet (190 m) behind you and, on average, 1 second earlier than the Garmin Varia version. 

The unit itself is light; it has six modes to serve the rider. When the Gardia detects a car approaching, the light pattern changes to alert the approaching vehicle. Simultaneously, the radar alerts the rider’s head unit of an approaching vehicle and shows the approaching vehicle as a dot (or car) on the head unit.  

Bryton Gardia R300L side

Depending on the vehicle’s speed, the unit designates a “threat level” for the approaching object. This threat level appears on the head unit in green (low), orange (mid), and red (high), so the rider knows what type of caution to take. 

Bryton Gardia R300L gumby

The Gardia R300L boasts many intelligent features that can seem small but impactful when working together. For example, when a rider slows down while using the unit, the daytime running light (a blinking light) turns solid to help alert the rider of approaching traffic.

It also adjusts and switches between light modes based on the conditions. So, if you’re on an early-morning dawn patrol ride and the light is scarce, versus a sunny afternoon lunch ride, the Gardia R300L will adjust for the best light.

Gardia R300L: How Long Is the Battery Life? 

Bryton states the Gardia R300L can last 24 hours on the radar-only (no light) mode and 11 hours on a group ride. Below is a detailed list of corresponding lumen usage and battery life: 

  • High solid-on (20 lumens): 8 hours
  • Low solid-on (5 lumens): 12 hours
  • Group ride (12 lumens): 11 hours
  • Night flash (12 lumens): 17 hours
  • Day flash (73 lumens): 17 hours
  • Light off (0 lumens, radar only): 24 hours.

What If You Don’t Have a Bike Computer? 

The Bryton Gardia R300L has a specific “without computer” functionality that lets you use your phone as a head unit through the Bryton Gardia App. The side buttons on the device itself and the LED indicator show power and connection status. 

Bryton Gardia R300L box back

But if you have a bike computer that will work, the R300L is the most head unit-friendly radar on the market. If a head unit has ANT+ technology, it is compatible and will work with the Gardia R300L. 

Bryton Gardia R300L mounting

How Does It Install on My Bike? 

The installation resembles a rear-mounted light, and the radar “pod” employs a standard half-twist lock on/off. The Gumby attachment pieces conform to differently shaped seat tubes and seat posts. Posts from 27.2 to 31.6 (even with D-shaped tubes) will fit with standard mounting equipment.  

Bryton Gardia R300L front on

Bryton Gardia R300L: Key Features

  • Detects vehicles approaching from behind up to 207 yards (190 m) away.
  • Assign a threat level and automatically change warning lights based on approaching vehicle speed.
  • Daytime visibility could be up to 1 mile (1.6 km). 
  • Six light modes: Solid High, Solid Low, Day Flash, Night Flash, LED Off, and Group Ride
  • Riders can adjust light modes from compatible bike computers (Ex., Bryton Rider 750 SE/ S500/ S800), the Bryton Gardia App, and the top button on the Gardia R300L unit.
  • Auto light change function when light is sufficient (Rider 750 SE/ S500/ S800)
  • The unit boasts a built-in interruptive flash pattern function to increase the visibility of the vehicles from behind.
  • Brake light functions to alert vehicles behind when you brake.
  • The all-in-one mounting system fits 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm D cross-section, and aero cross-section seat posts.
Bryton Gardia R300L back

Gardia R300L: Connectivity & Charging

  • Gardia R300L connects to Rider 420, Rider 750, Rider 750 SE, Rider S500, Rider S800, and other ANT+ compatible bike computers which support ANT+ bike radar protocol.
  • The Bryton Gardia app provides vehicle status notifications, control over tail light settings, battery life, and firmware updates.
  • Audio and vibrate notifications when vehicles are coming (Bryton Gardia app)
  • USB Type-C charging for convenient recharging
Bryton Gardia R300L box front

Gardia R300L: Pricing and Availability

The Bryton Gardia R300L is available at Bryton.com and ships worldwide. See pricing info below for your region:

EU: €130

UK: £120

US: $130

AUS: AU$200

You can also find it here on Amazon.

This post is sponsored by Bryton. For more information, check out Bryton.com.

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