This ‘Desk’ Is More Than A Writing Surface

For many cyclists, biking to work is a no-brainer. But how about biking at work? A new desk makes it entirely possible.

The “Big Rig” desk lets you cycle while you work, turning your pedaling power into force that can be captured mechanically and used to drive an array of gadgets or generate electricity.

The $2,000 workstation was created by the New York-based brand Pedal Power and can run anything from an air compressor to small shop tools through direct mechanical linkages.

For an extra $400 you can add an electric generator that will charge your laptop and keep other electronics alive with the power of your two legs.

The Big Rig comes with plenty of options for charging gadgets

Once you start pedaling the Big Rig will charge anything you plug in. It comes with two 110-volt outlets, two USB ports, and one car-lighter socket.

Check out the Big Rig in action in the video below.

Two engineering and cyclists friends, Andy Wekin and Steve Blood, are the guys behind the Pedal Power brand. According to their recently funded Kickstarter campaign, the duo hope to one day see “every household charging phones, processing food, and pumping water with pedal power.”

Each machine is hand built with welded, steel frames and stock bicycle parts, according to the brand’s website. Because each machine is handmade, it can take up to four months to ship one out. Get your order in early.

It might take a while before we see the Big Rig for sale in stores. But, like a stand-up desk, the “bicycle desk” seems like a great alternative to just sitting idle all day.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor at

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