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Eurobike Awards 2019: Exciting Cycling Gear From Europe’s Biggest Bike Show

Eurobike, the largest cycling industry trade show in Europe, kicks off today. And as the veil lifts on wild new tech for the future of cycling, judges at the show already awarded some of the most exciting new bicycle products for 2019 and 2020. Read their statements here. Explore the grid or click through to see the 2019 Eurobike Awards.

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Eurobike, the largest cycling industry trade show in Europe, kicks off today. And as the veil lifts on wild new tech for the future of cycling, judges at the show already awarded some of the most exciting new bicycle products for 2019 and 2020. Read their statements below. Explore the grid or click through to see the 2019 Eurobike Awards.

Superdelite GT Rohloff HS With GX Option

Superdelite-GT-rohloff-HS-with-GX-option Eurobike awards

This stylish ride from Riese & Muller represents the world’s only full-suspension e-bike with integrated DualBattery Technology, integration of the motor into the frame, and standard main beam and brake light.

Jury statement: We had great fun with this multitalent from the luxury end of the cycling world. One of its perfectly engineered features is the extended range provided by the double battery, integrated invisibly into the frame.

Chat Rickshaw Bike

Chat bike Eurobike awards

The rickshaw gets a remake with the Chat Rickshaw Bike. Three wheels give the driver stability for pedaling.

Jury statement: This rickshaw bike has an impressive quality of detail. We found it very easy to ride and liked its wide range of safety features, particularly the good visibility through the canopy.

AirWinder Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire

AirWinder-Self-Inflating-Bicycle-Tire Eurobike awards

AirWinder Inc. has developed the first self-inflating, pneumatic bicycle tires. The system both inflates and regulates the pressure in the tires. Not only does the system eliminate the need to refill your tires, but it’s also the only system that continuously regulates the pressure in the tire.

Jury statement: There are too many bikes on the road with excessively low air pressure. This product increases safety and saves riders even having to think about checking their tires.

CERO One Electric Cargo Bike

Cero-One Eurobike awards

The CERO One cargo e-bike has a modular cargo system with interchangeable baskets that can mount both in the front and rear of the bike.

Jury statement: A compact cargo bike with a good carrying capacity. Clever features include the modular accessories that can be fitted to the front and rear carriers. We considered this a sturdy workhorse for everyday use. Its low center of gravity provides stability.


I-LOCK-IT-e-bike Eurobike awards

I LOCK IT aims to make e-bike security easy and intuitive. Just remove the computer display, and the system automatically locks the rear wheel.

Jury statement: Lock up by removing the display: Simply remove the display when you stop off for a snack, and I LOCK IT simultaneously secures the bike via the frame lock fitted to the rear wheel. A perfect antitheft device for those short stops because many people take the display with them in any case. It’s particularly pleasing to see that the company has linked up with the market leader as its partner.

Fox Live Valve

fox-live-valve Eurobike awards

Let the bike tune its own suspension on the fly. The Fox Live Valve uses sensors and “the fastest valve ever created by Fox” to create a bike that reacts to the terrain.

Jury statement: A smart system that reads the terrain and makes very fast setting changes in suspension. It has been proven at the highest level. We particularly liked the added safety this brings and the fact that the rider can concentrate more on the trail — and, of course, have more fun.

e-muli STEPS

e-muli-STEPS Eurobike awards

Cargo bikes made a big splash at the show, and few looked as impressive as the e-muli STEPS.

Jury statement: The new e-muli cargo bike impressed us with its clear, plain styling and the clever integration of the new Shimano drive. Utility has priority and turns this agile cargo bike into a very practical yet also most inspiring workhorse. It is also small and compact.

SRAM & RockShox AXS

SRAM-Rock-Shox-AXS Eurobike awards

Personalize your electronic shifting components. From the RockShox dropper post to the SRAM Eagle groupset, AXS takes e-shifting to the next level.

Jury statement: A smoothly functioning and race-proven wireless system that has the potential to revolutionize bike design. It makes fitting components easier and has an excellent finish. To date, electronic gear shifts and seat post adjustment have been integrated into the system.


ASFALT-LR Eurobike awards

ASFALT shot for utility and simplicity with the LR. And with two batteries almost seamlessly integrated into the frame, the LR looks like a standard bike and should run plenty long.

Jury statement: This Swiss-made cycle makes no compromises on either quality or materials. Overall finish, attention to detail, craftsmanship of the joints, and integration of the cables are all excellent. Thanks to the modular design, one of the two batteries can be removed to reduce weight for shorter trips.

AER 557 Adult Electric Scooter

5.10-Trailcross-Mid-Pro Eurobike awards

Designed especially for adults, the AER 557 aims to be a high-performance e-scooter that works, feels, and rides differently than any other electric scooter on the market.

Jury statement: The large wheels on this e-scooter make it much more stable to ride. The overall frame construction also greatly improves driving dynamics.

DiOX DWR C Zero Coating

DiOX-DWR-C-Zero-coating Eurobike awards

Unlike traditional DWR coatings, DiOX uses physics, not chemicals, to bond to the fabric. DiOX is a nanotech treatment that coats any fabric with silica dioxide, making it extremely aquaphobic.

Jury statement: We were greatly impressed by this new fabric coating. It promises to be more durable and environment-friendly than traditional solutions. This is because it achieves its waterproofing effect through physics rather than chemical means.


Bike-Box Eurobike awards

The BikeBox fits all bike sizes (MTB, road bike, gravel, etc.), weighs about 13 pounds, folds into itself, and uses 80 percent less storage space than a typical hardcover box.

Jury statement: This economical solution to transporting bikes provides greater protection than many alternatives at three to four times the price. The system is suitable for mountain and road bikes and can be modified to protect fragile components. It’s also very easy to store.

TATZE Integral

TATZE-Integral Eurobike awards

The TATZE Integral system solution is a new approach to making pedals much thinner, lighter, and easier to manufacture. TATZE mounts the bearings for the rotation of the pedal in the crank.

Jury statement: TATZE presents an interesting new approach to pedal technology, with the bearings being incorporated into the crank rather than the pedal itself. A new future trend, perhaps?

Greyp G6.2

Greyp-G-6.2 Eurobike awards

The Greyp G6 has a constant onboard Internet connection (connected free of charge in 104 countries), multiple telemetry sensors, integrated front and rear cameras, and a mobile app that acts as a dashboard.

Jury statement: This unusual and novel design comes from a young Croatian company. It features an impressive array of digital gadgetry integrated with extremely sophisticated engineering.

Coboc SEVEN Kallio

Coboc-SEVEN-Kallio Eurobike awards

Even with integrated fenders, lights, and a “rack system,” the Coboc step-through e-bike comes in at under 38 pounds.

Jury statement: Coboc is well-known for its lightweight men’s bikes with their minimalist design. This model now impressively applies this same reduced and elegant styling to a low-entry frame.

WORN TO BE WILD Adventure Jacket

WORN-TO-BE-WILD-Adventure-Jacket Eurobike award

Calling itself the “Swiss Army knife of jackets,” WORN TO BE WILD provides a wind- and water-repellent cotton shell with a host of bike-specific features. It includes backpack straps for easy carry, a special glove pocket, a removable padded vest, and more.

Jury statement: A great deal of effort has obviously gone into the design of this multipurpose children’s jacket. It not only caters to many useful functions but displays particularly great attention to detail, such as the bike-related motifs on the metal studs.


Issimo bike Eurobike awards

Issimo uses a 630Wh battery for “endless rides,” an “optimized center of gravity” for higher maneuverability, fat tires, and a suspension fork — all for safer, more comfortable city riding.

Jury statement: Fantic, a name with a long tradition of producing motorcycles, has now turned its attention to the e-bike segment. The result is an entirely new category bringing added fun and safety to urban mobility.

Kwick Drumlin Cargo Tire

Kwick-Drumlin-Cargo Eurobike awards

The Kwick Drumlin Cargo is a tire specifically developed for use on cargo e-bikes. According to Kenda, it increases tire durability by more than 600 percent!

Jury statement: Every aspect of cargo bikes has to be adapted to the additional weight — and that includes the tires. This is why we particularly liked the Kwick Drumlin Cargo. The tire can carry up to 150 kg (about 300 pounds).

FUBi Fixie

FUBi-fixie Eurobike awards

The FUBi fixie looks like most bikes but folds up in seconds. It has the same features and design as a normal bike.

Jury statement: The FUBi fixie brings a novel folding mechanism to what at first sight appears to be a conventional frame. Available in three different frame sizes, it uses steel as the main material to keep costs low.

My Esel E-Tour Diamant Wooden E-Bike

My-Esel-E-Tour-Diamant Eurobike awards

With the My Esel E-Tour Diamant, the world of e-bikes collides with wooden bicycle frames.

Jury statement: This lightweight e-bike uses biometric software to produce a frame tailored precisely to its rider’s dimensions. We found this to be a particularly good application of wood as a sustainable material in bike production.

5.10 Trailcross Mid Pro

5.10-Trailcross-Mid-Pro Eurobike awards

The Trailcross family is the first flat-pedal bike shoe line developed specifically for bike adventures. With it, Five Ten unveils a shoe it says works as a biking and hiking shoe.

Jury statement: A very useful shoe aimed at the bike trekking segment. A protective quick-drying liner sock keeps the dirt out while the ergonomic design of the sole ensures comfort when walking.


MCR-9-RDO Eurobike awards

The Niner MCR 9 RDO is among the world’s first full-suspension gravel bikes. By adding 50 mm of the brand’s “CVA suspension” to a dedicated gravel bike, it blends the control of an XC MTB with the efficiency and fit of a gravel bike.

Jury statement: This is a true multitalent. All the features of a full-suspension mountain bike are extremely well-integrated and combined with the bars and handling of a gravel bike.

Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave

Vento-Powerstrap-R2-Aeroweave Eurobike awards

Fizik launches its lightest and most breathable road shoe with the woven Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave.

Jury statement: We were thoroughly impressed by this ultra-lightweight and breathable road shoe. The woven fabric ensures excellent ventilation while the design of the straps further enhances the elegant styling.

Vredestein Fortezza Flower Power

Vredestein-Fortezza-Flower-Power Eurobike awards

Meet the world’s first road bicycle tire made of rubber extracted from the roots of Russian dandelions.

Jury statement: This limited-edition tire is produced from the Russian dandelion. Not only does the rubber offer enhanced performance, it also scores highly in terms of sustainability, as the plant grows more quickly than traditional sources.

Basil Commuter Carrier

Basil-Commuter-Carrier Eurobike awards

Antitheft, a wraparound light, and lots of adjustability come together in this unique bike rack.

Jury statement: It’s all there: an integrated rear light with a broad radius, a wide range of settings so that the carrier can be adjusted to the size of wheel and rider (more space for the feet), and the GPS module has an antitheft function. The judges were also impressed by the very attractive price for the entire package.


WI.DE_.bike Eurobike award

The WI.DE. (Winding Detours) can run up to 2.4-inch tires while still fitting road cranks.

Jury statement: This pioneer in gravel bikes has set a new benchmark in the segment. The model features extra-large tires and successfully meets the technical challenges imposed by factors such as achieving the ideal chainline.


Blubrake-ABS-for-E-Bike Eurobike awards

Blubrake presents the only ABS for e-bikes totally integrated inside the frame and suitable for any frame, from MTB to city bike, cargo bike, and more.

Jury statement: This OEM ABS system is integrated into the frame and is compatible with every kind of e-bike. We look forward to further developments of this function.

QUARTZ E-Bike Drive Unit

QUARTZ Eurobike awards

QUARTZ is an innovative drive unit for e-bikes. It integrates a planetary gearbox and an electric-assist motor in a single mid-drive unit to add full-time gear shifting, ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance to e-bikes.

Jury statement: We were very impressed by the use of this drive unit with six-speed transmission in e-cargo bikes. The tough, low-maintenance system is predestined for city bikes and, above all, sharing schemes.

Cento10 Hybrid

Cento10-Hybrid Eurobike awards

Cento10 claims its Hybrid sets a new standard for integration and aerodynamics in an e-bike.

Jury statement: Using standard components and drive technology, this e-road bike presents a wonderful example of the current state of the art. We were impressed by the workmanship that has gone into every detail: from paint finish to integration of the e-bike components.

LIMOTEC Air Suspension Dropper Post

limotec-air-suspension-dropper-post Eurobike awards

Why should mountain bikers be the only ones who get a dropper? LIMOTEC introduces a dropper designed for comfort and commuter bikes.

Jury statement: This dropper post is aimed at cyclists for everyday use. It allows riders to lower the seatpost from a control on the handlebars when dismounting or waiting at traffic lights. The integrated suspension also increases ride comfort.

MAGURA Cockpit Integration

MAGURA-Cockpit-Integration Eurobike awards

The new MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi) is the world’s first hydraulic brake that’s fully integrated into the handlebar.

Jury statement: Two particularly impressive aspects are the clean appearance (thanks to the hydraulics concealed inside the handlebars) and the extra resilience that this provides. Any tubes that are not exposed cannot be damaged in an accident.

Cinq Shift:R Road for Pinion

Cinq-Shift-R-Road-Pinion Eurobike awards

The Shift:R technology is the first to integrate a road shifter-brake lever with the Pinion C-Series gearboxes and the hydraulic TRP disc brake.

Jury statement: With this shifter, Cinq provides an efficient means of operating the pinion transmission from drop bars. As a result, Pinion can also be used on gravel bikes. Maintenance is also straightforward thanks to the open positioning of the cables on the levers.

OC 3 Plus Cleaner

OC-3-Plus Eurobike awards

Thanks to its lithium-ion battery and detachable 7L water tank, the OC 3 lets you clean your bike with a continuous stream of water without an electrical or water supply connection. Plus, the brand promises it’s safe for even the most delicate finishes.

Jury statement: Convenient, smart, practical — super! The mobile washing unit for bikes from the specialists at Karcher has a modular construction, its own battery so that it can be set up almost anywhere, and is generally well-thought-out. The water tank is sufficient for the initial cleaning. It will no doubt send you heading into the mud more often.

Bosch Smartphone Hub

bosch-smartphone-hub Eurobike awards

The Smartphone Hub from Bosch connects the rider’s smartphone through the COBI.Bike app. The “smart control center” offers a range of functions: navigation, music control, fitness tracking, making calls, and connecting with services and apps like Strava and komoot.

Jury statement: We like this neat and tidy design which keeps the smartphone. A useful functional addition for Bosch e-bike riders.

Cobber 330-Degree Bike Light

Cobber-330-degree-Bike-Light Eurobike awards

Knog recognized a problem: the lack of side visibility afforded to cyclists. Thus, it designed the Cobber — a bike light with a 330-degree arc of light to create a lighting halo effect and allows cyclists to be seen from both sides, in addition to the front and rear.

Jury statement: USB charging and extremely bright — these are the two aspects of these lights for handlebars and seatpost that especially impressed the judges. The good craftsmanship of this Cobber package also scores points with us on the sustainability scale.

Lumos Matrix Helmet

lumos-matrix-helmet Eurobike awards

Building on the brand’s first light-up helmet, the Lumos Matrix is twice as bright as the original and has a customizable matrix array integrated at the back.

Jury statement: The joy of design along with a whole load of show effects are what make this urban helmet from Los Angeles such fun. Programming new patterns for the “neon lights” on the back of the helmet is particularly enjoyable.

Urban Iki Rear Seat Frame Mounting

Urban-Iki-rear-seat-frame-mounting Eurobike awards

Urban Iki aimed for a safer and more stylish rear seat for children. It has a five-point harness and construction that allows it to be installed in under 5 minutes.

Jury statement: The Urban Iki rear seat can be mounted on the bike frame using a separate holder or onto practically any carrier rack with its integrated adapter. What’s more, it’s also a really attractive child seat, as one of our panel noted from experience. Small, lightweight, and multifunctional are additional attributes.

POC Tectal Race SPIN NFC

Tectal-Race-SPIN-NFC Eurobike awards

The Tectal Race SPIN NFC builds on the safety and performance of the trail/enduro Tectal Race SPIN and provides added security of a digital NFC medical ID chip.

Jury statement: The technology in this mountain bike helmet by POC has been tried and tested in mountain rescue operations. An integrated RFID chip adds passive safety by storing the rider’s medical details so that the emergency services can read them out instantly on-site and provide medical assistance more quickly in the event of an accident.

milKit Tubeless Booster V2

milKit-Tubeless-Booster-V2 Eurobike awards

milKit claims to be the “the lightest, most efficient, and least expensive tubeless inflation device in the market.” And it doubles as a water bottle.

Jury statement: This practical accessory doubles as a tough water bottle and tubeless tire booster. A must for mountain bikers and a benefit for the environment too, since it saves on single-use carbon dioxide cartridges.

WD-40 Flexible

wd-40-flexible Eurobike awards

Get WD-40 anywhere and in any direction you need it.

Jury statement: An ingenious addition to the workshop. Where space is at a premium, there’s not even room for a spray can. The new hose with a nozzle is flexible yet still stiff enough direct its spray accurately to where WD-40 is needed.

PING If You Care

PING-if-you-care Eurobike awards

PING! aims to crowdsource more information on everyday rides. Riders can track their routes as well as push the PING! Bluetooth button to mark locations and leave feedback on their markers at the end of the ride.

Jury statement: Crowdsourcing for the future of urban cycling. The PING! button and the app help to identify hazardous or damaged locations in the city and report them to the local authorities. Bike-friendly towns can then improve their infrastructure with the aid of the biker network. A great idea.

by.schulz Product Packaging

byschulz-product-packaging Eurobike awards

By.schulz unveils customizable, locally printed, recyclable, and recycled packaging. And, best of all, it’s 100 percent plastic-free.

Jury statement: This packaging concept has been consistently implemented to avoid the use of plastics throughout. The cardboard comes from sustainable sources, and any printing is carried out by local companies. In short: an all-round bonus for the environment.

rebike1.de Website

ReBike1-website Eurobike awards

Euro website ReBike1 sells gently used, exhibition, and demo e-bikes at discounts of up to 40 percent.

Jury statement: The ReBike concept provides online access to young used e-bikes with low mileage. The great feature is that the Munich-based company works with over 80 partners in Germany who supply the bikes to customers. At up to 40 percent below the new price, all bikes still carry a 2-year warranty on battery and motor. We find this quite sensational.

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