Wiener on a Bike: Watch Fastest Known Dog ‘Sir Willie’

Sir Willie the long-haired wiener dog is a very good — and speedy — boy.

What does it take to clinch a fastest known time (FKT) record in cycling today? Either be an athlete that trains rigorously or, in Sir Willie’s case, be a dog.

This short film from Pearl Izumi follows Willie and his teammate, Pro Tour racer Alexey Vermeulen, as they pedal through cycling’s species barrier. Through the film, we see Willie’s wiener-dog-adapted gear and learn about his unique approach to training.

But on a deeper level, the film centers on how Willie’s journey to becoming the world’s FKD (fastest known dog) has affected him. (Spoiler alert: He’s still the best boy he’s always been.)

Whether you’re seeking a little inspiration or a smile, Sir Willie’s dachsund-mentary is the answer. Take a look and follow @sirwilliethewiener for daily doses.

Runtime: 3 minutes

pear izumi weiner dog fkd sir willie
Willie and training partner Alexey Vermeulen ride near their home in Boulder, Colo.; (photo/Pearl Izumi)
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Jilli Cluff

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