GT Sensor mountain bike

GT Redesigns Force, Sensor Mountain Bikes for Customization

GT integrated a new version of its Linkage Tuned Suspension into two new trail bikes. The Force and the Sensor aim for versatility on the trail.

GT Sensor mountain bike

GT Bicycles buckled down for the past few years, and the Force and Sensor are the long-awaited results. Released this month, these bikes serve separate purposes intended to refresh and recharge the industry. GT’s Factory Racing Team played an important developmental role, and the proof is in the pudding.

The Force is an all-around mountain bike that also blurs enduro lines. And for the aggressive trail rider, the Sensor wants you to have fun without thinking too hard. Both models incorporate a redesign of the Linkage Tuned Suspension (LTS).

GT Bikes: LTS Aims for Versatility

GT Sensor mountain bike

The key component of the new LTS system is versatility. GT created a platform that allows riders to completely customize their bikes. The LTS is a four-bar suspension system capable of altering the absorption, braking, and pedaling performance components. Whether you’re navigating technical terrain or barreling down a descent at full speed, GT claims the updated LTS will give you options.

Plus, the Force and the Sensor have “flip chip technology,” which changes the bottom bracket height by 7 mm, the head angle by 0.75 degrees, and the reach by 5 mm. This adaptable geometry intends to let riders climb easier when on high and descend confidently when on low.

GT Force MTB: Getting Down and Dirty

GT Force Elite mountain bike

The Force is an all-around mountain bike crafted for chewing up technical terrain, enduro racing, or trying new moves at the bike park. It has 150 mm of travel, complemented by 27.5-inch wheels.

GT offers the Force in four different styles: Carbon Pro, Carbon Expert, Elite, and Comp. The Force Carbon Pro retails for $5,000 while the Comp goes for half as much.

GT Sensor MTB

GT Sensor Expert mountain bike

Designed for bikers who want to have fun while riding fast, the Sensor has 130 mm of travel and burly 29er wheels. Although meant to maintain some serious speed, the bike is designed for broad trail use.

Like the Force, GT offers the Sensor in alloy and carbon options: Carbon Pro, Carbon Expert, Carbon Elite, Comp, and Sport. The Sport is unique to the Sensor line and also the cheapest of the new models, retailing for $1,800. Otherwise, the Sensor styles are comparable in price to the Force.

Maintenance Considerations

GT Force mountain bike

Both bikes have GT’s proprietary Groove Tube. This external cable routing gives them sleek profiles and easy access for upkeep.

These externally positioned bike cables take “the swearing out of maintenance,” GT touts. And it makes inspecting the cable easier than with stealthier internal routing. This increases the average rider’s ability to pinpoint a problem before a possible system failure.

GT Sensor Sport mountain bike

For mountain bikers looking for a versatile new summer ride, the Force and Sensor are interesting upgrades to consider. Both bikes are available now for those who want to experience the latest from this iconic MTB brand.