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Heated Mountain Bike Grips

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For those of you who suffer from cold hands while you ride, freeze no more! Nevada-based A’ME — it stands for “Aeromarine Molding and Engineering” — has unveiled a line of heated bike grips that may make winter rides or cold morning commutes that much more enjoyable. Bonus: Comfortable hand temperatures can help reduce fatigue and maintain finger dexterity, giving you better control of your bike.

Winter biking with heated grips

The heated grips, called the Heated Ergo Tri and 1.3 Tri, adjust with a button to six temp settings. An external battery pack is used to run the heaters. The battery mounts to your stem or top tube.

The heated bike grips are made in the USA and have a rubbery “Vulcathane” compound material to produce a tacky, durable grip surface. Installation is via a clamp-on design — you slide the grip on and tighten a single screw.

A’ME’s Heated Ergo Tri grips

The connectors to the battery pack are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about them shorting out as you ride in the rain. The grips work best on carbon bars, as carbon won’t sap away most of the heat like aluminum, according to the company. Price starts at $129.95.https://www.amegrips.com

—Amy Jurries is founder and editor of TheGearCaster.com, a blog dedicated to profiling emerging companies and technologies in the outdoor sports industry.

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