Kriss Kyle Shows eMTB Possibilities, Throws Rooster Tails

Ripping downhill dirt trails on a mountain bike rules; slogging up loose dirt piles sucks. In ‘Up and Out,’ Kriss Kyle lands on the clear solution: eMTB.

Watch Kriss Kyle shred at home in Scotland and whip a burly Specialized eMTB around like it’s weightless.

Clearly, there’s a reason he’s on a bike that can give him a boost on uphills: The surface he rides looks about as consolidated as a sandbox. Churning up the 60% grade might be doable, sure. But once you’re up there, you’d be hardpressed to do anything else with your jellified legs.

Instead, Kyle’s still got plenty of energy for tearing around on his Specialized Kenevo SL. “Up and Out” may be quick, but it’s jam-packed. The unorthodox soundtrack, from Edinburgh-based indie rock outfit We Were Promised Jetpacks, is another refreshing deviation from the send vid norm.

Runtime: 3 minutes

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