Justin Williams and L39ION: Changing Bicycle Racing

Justin Williams’ cohort calls him ‘forceful and intimidatingly aggressive.’ They’re talking about his criterium racing style, but he treats his bigger mission with equal vigor.

To win criterium bike races, you have to be able to flat-out crank — very hard for a very long time, inches away from a lot of other riders doing exactly the same thing.

Riding in crit races is hard enough, but if you’re a minority athlete who wants to change the sport altogether, you need a whole other tool kit.

“Justin is a mean motherf*cker … on a bike,” says L39ION’s new clip.

L39ION is Williams and his brother Cory’s vision to make competitive cycling more inclusive, accessible, and safer for minorities and non-traditional athletes.

To make it the vehicle for change they want it to be, they need to draw from their competitive tenacity, sure — but deep sensitivity and organic passion also have to prevail.

Get to know Williams and the L39ION project in this film. And get ready for a more diverse future of cycling.

Runtime: 10 minutes

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