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Momentum Unveils Stealthy Voya E+ Commuter E-Bikes

Voya E+3 E-Bike in Yellow;(photo/Momentum)Voya E+3 E-Bike in Yellow;(photo/Momentum)
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The Voya E+1 and E+3 electric bicycles employ a host of clever elements to conceal their electrical components.

Momentum is a California-based e-bike-maker that specializes in urban-style commuter builds. As part of the Giant bicycle family, it’s known for making small but impactful improvements to conventional designs. And Momentum’s new Voya E+1 and E+3 electric bikes could be the brand’s most inspired and interesting concepts so far.

The Voya E+1 takes the form of a drop-bar bike with an 11-speed Shimano GRX derailleur. The lighter-duty Voya E+3 takes after flat-bar hybrid builds with a nine-speed microSHIFT ADVENT derailleur.

Voya E+ Stealth Electric Commuter E-Bikes

Voya E+3 E-Bike in Asphalt Green;(photo/Momentum)
Voya E+1 E-Bike in Indigo; (photo/Momentum)

Momentum designed the Voya E+ to be two things above all else: (1) exceedingly light for the category and (2) private about the nature of its locomotion.

At 39.7 pounds, the two E+ builds are Momentum’s most lightweight e-bikes and among the lightest on the market.

Both models rely on hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed wiring, and an integrated EnergyPakMicro battery to camouflage their electric assist. A pint-sized, 250W rear-wheel motor hidden behind the gear cassette adds pedal assistance up to 20 mph.

The 250Wh integrated battery should provide 25-45 miles of range per charge. When juiced with a 4A fast charger, the battery can achieve 80% power within 2 hours.

Pricing, Availability

Voya E+3 E-Bike in Yellow; (photo/Momentum)
Voya E+3 E-Bike in Yellow; (photo/Momentum)

The Voya E+1 will be available in Asphalt Green or Indigo and start at $2,800 MSRP. The E+3, which will be available in Asphalt Green or Yellow, will start at $2,300 MSRP.

Momentum plans to release its first run of the stealth e-commuters this spring.

For more information, check out momentum-biking.com or follow @momentumbicycles on Instagram.

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