Watch Insane (Really Insane) Cornering Skills by Bas Van Steenbergen

Have you ever heard the dirt racing credo, ‘jump for show, corner for dough’? If there’s truth to it, Bas Van Steenbergen just cashed a fat check.

Deity Components cranked out a quick mountain bike video that’ll make your head spin. Go to cornering school with Bas Van Steenbergen as he pushes the new Deity Recon limited-edition pedal to the limit.

Actually, “to the limit” falls well short of accurate; for the vast majority of us, Van Steenbergen rides in a realm well beyond realistic. He contours some turns so tightly, it looks like somebody sped the film up in post-production.

Not so. Van Steenbergen just sticks to the track like he’s magnetized to it. Watch for a little flare in his jumps — but not so much that he doesn’t land at just the right attack angle on the way down.

Runtime: 2 minutes

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