Danny MacAskill Rides Tandem, and It’s Totally Awesome

Ubertalented biker Danny MacAskill gives up control, nervously riding on the back of a tandem bike. It’s just as wild as it sounds.

Riding double down a mountain bike trail sounds, well, pretty darn insane. But given the two-wheeled madness Danny MacAskill is known for, we’re not surprised to see him hopping on for a ride. What is surprising (and refreshing) is seeing his apprehension. MacAskill may be a superhuman rider, but even he gets nervous!

Famed trials rider Martyn Ashton rides up front, gleefully controlling the steering and brakes. In between shots of the duo weaving down singletrack, MacAskill talks about his strengths and weaknesses as a rider and what it’s like to crash. A bike video and interview rolled into one, you can’t help but smile as you watch.

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Mallory Paige

Pro Gear Tester Mallory Paige is always up for adventure. Whether motorcycle camping across North America (with her dog in a sidecar!), paddling whitewater in a tiny packraft, or traveling in a van she's always ready to pivot and turn a challenge into an opportunity. When not busy obsessing about gear, she can be found building an off-grid homestead in the remote mountains of Colorado.