IMBA Trails 2018

500 Miles of MTB Trails Set to Launch in 2018

Before 2018 hits, the International Mountain Biking Association wants to finalize 500 miles of new trails across the country.

New IMBA Mountain Bike Trails 2018

Sixty-one days to raise money for 68 grassroots mountain bike projects: That’s the IMBA’s latest and “most widespread effort” to expand and increase access to trails and parks.

Launched this month, the Dig In campaign highlights 68 projects across 31 states that will, when complete, create 500 miles of new trails. It will also help maintain 140 miles of existing trail, create 10 new bike parks and pump tracks, and develop four trails dedicated to growing high school mountain biking programs.

The campaign runs through Dec. 31, and you can support any or all of the programs with a contribution.

IMBA Dig In Campaign

The map above shows all the programs across the country. There is also a full list here showing a project overview and dollars raised.

Anyone interested in supporting the Dig In campaign can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Find a project near you and donate directly.
  2. Donate to the entire Dig In campaign to evenly distribute funds among all projects.
  3. Make a purchase from an IMBA contributing partner, and a portion of sales will go back to the Dig In campaign.

The IMBA notes that many of the projects target trails of 15 or more miles in length. Perhaps the most ambitious endeavor is the proposed 92-mile Bailey Mountain Bike Trail System near Athens, Ohio.

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“These projects are a product of the hard work of dedicated volunteer mountain bikers who are making their communities better through trails,” said IMBA Executive Director Dave Wiens in a statement.

Each project represents the planning and execution by local arms of the IMBA, a nationwide non-profit aimed at increasing and fostering participation in mountain biking.

For those interested in contributing to this end-of-year push, check out the Dig In projects page. All donations are tax-deductible. And for those already shopping for gear, brands like Headsweats, Showers Pass, Shredly, Orange Mud, and ZOIC will give back a portion of sales to Dig In projects until the campaign ends Dec. 31.

With your help, 2018 could mark big growth for off-road cycling across the country.

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