Hydration Wars: Osprey Revamps Cycling Pack Line for 2019

For 2019, Osprey revamped and expanded its full line of cycling-specific hydration packs. We got an early look at the line and were impressed with the fit and function of the many men’s and women’s Osprey cycling packs.

Osprey brought a ton of pack and hydration technology to a new and expanded line of cycling hydration products. It also continues to lead the industry in providing women’s-specific versions of packs. Not just in color and style, but in a women’s-specific fit. This full new line will hit retailers in the spring of 2019.

Of the line, the new Raptor 14 is the hydration pack I’d want when doing big downhill or enduro missions. It’s best suited for keeping your load secure and close to the body. I’d want the new Syncro 12 for those light, fast trail rides in hot and humid climates. The Syncro offers unparalleled ventilation in a lightweight technical package.

The line also includes the Raven and Sylva (women’s models of the above-mentioned packs), Siskin and Salida (value-oriented packs), Katari and Kitsuma (low-profile packs), and Seral and Savu Lumbar packs.

Read on for details on all these packs.

Osprey Raptor (Men’s) and Raven (Women’s)

The Raptor and Raven are Osprey’s full-featured premium mountain bike hydration pack lineup. The Raven is a women’s-specific pack. While these packs have been around for a few years, they have a bunch of new features for 2019.

The big story with the Raptor/Raven line is the new winged Biostretch Harness system. The new harness wraps the upper shoulders for added stability. You don’t want your hydration pack bouncing around away from your body when you’re attacking those steep, rocky mountain bike descents.

This line of mountain-bike-specific hydration packs is all about top materials, comfort, fit, and functional features. It comes with a 2.5-liter reservoir, which has a dedicated pocket and zip-access hose path for easy loading. The Airscape Backpanel offers up tons of ventilation and makes carrying heavy loads as comfortable as possible. The Raptor/Raven line even comes with a removable tool roll organizer.

The Raptor/Raven come in 14- and 10-liter pack sizes for $150 and $140, respectively. The 14 now easily carries full-face helmets, which it couldn’t do before.

Osprey Syncro (Men’s) and Sylva (Women’s)

The Syncro is the warm-climate/summer mountain bike hydration pack in the Osprey lineup. For 2019, the pack gets the new winged Biostretch harness and a sibling, the women’s-specific Sylva.

The Syncro and Sylva packs are all about maximum ventilation. The tensioned AirSpeed back panel and LightWire frame combine to reduce sweat and put the pack load on your hips. This is the hydration pack you want next time you head out into the hot desert or humid forest on your mountain bike.

These packs come in three sizes; 20, 12, and 5 liters. Pricing is $150, $130, and $120, respectively.

Osprey Siskin (Men’s) and Salida (Women’s)

The Siskin and Salida are all-new and hit a great value price point. These packs offer many of the high-performance features of their bigger siblings but cut out some of the expense. You still get a 2.5-liter reservoir, an Airscape Suspension, and mesh back panel, along with the new Biostretch shoulder harness. The Salida is the women’s-specific pack in this line.

These packs come in 12- and 8-liter sizes. They will retail for $110 and $100, respectively. This is a great value in a top-quality pack.

Osprey Katari and Kitsuma

Another new line for Osprey is the Katari and Kitsuma. These offer a low-profile, light, and close-to-the-body hydration pack for quick mountain bike adventures. Even though these packs are small and available at super competitive prices, they offer many of the high-end features of their siblings.

This series comes in 7- and 3-liter sizes, each with a 2.5-liter reservoir. There’s also an extra small 1.5-liter size with a 1.5-liter reservoir. Pricing is $75, $65, and $55, respectively.

Osprey Seral and Savu Lumbar Packs

If backpacks aren’t your thing, Osprey has you covered. The all-new Seral and Savu Lumbar packs are cycling-specific hydration lumbar packs. The angled hip belt and compression straps help keep them locked close to your body. And the Airscape lumbar back panel offers impressive ventilation and comfort.

The Seral is a 7-liter lumbar-style bike pack that will retail for $85. It has an integrated 1.5-liter hydration reservoir.

The Savu is a 4-liter lumbar-style bike pack that will retail for $55. Instead of a reservoir, it has dual water bottle sleeves. Sometimes it’s just better to juggle water bottles than deal with a reservoir and hydration tube.

Bryon Dorr

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