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QuietKat Drops 4 New E-Bikes for Hunting

Choose from four 2023 models with QuietKat's new lineup of electric bikes for hunters looking to pedal out their trophies.

QuietKat APEX Pro in camoQuietKat's 2023 APEX Pro, in camo; (photo/QuietKat)
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What exactly is QuietKat’s expanding lineup of two-wheeled transportation devices? Electric bicycles? Electric motorcycles? 

We don’t know, but one thing is certain: They sure look cool. 

QuietKat has announced four new 2023 models built to be “the most capable all-terrain electric bikes on the planet,” the company said in a press release. The bikes are geared for the hunting demographic, with the ability to handle rugged terrain while hauling gear “silently and scent-free.”

The four new models range from the top-of-the-line APEX Pro to the entry-level Pioneer. If the idea of combining biking and hunting appeals to you, QuietKat likely has a model that meets your expectations. 

While the models launch on the brand’s website on March 1, the company didn’t provide specific pricing ahead of time.

QuietKat: APEX Pro

With the APEX Pro, QuietKat said it gave the bike “all the upgrades,” and it definitely has plenty of features (though I don’t see any James Bond-style missile launchers). 

After beefing up the front suspension fork, the company added a 16Ah integrated battery. It has an estimated range of up to 48 miles with pedaling assistance and 24 miles of full throttle unassisted. 

It offers a mid-drive 1,000W motor and nine-speed SRAM gearing for the “most rugged and demanding trails,” the company said. 

The bike’s price tag ranges from $5,000 to $5,600, according to the pricing currently listed on the company’s website.

QuietKat APEX Sport
The APEX Sport, in gunmetal color; (photo/QuietKat)

QuietKat: APEX Sport

A notch below the APEX Pro, the APEX Sport “shares the same DNA” but with more budget-conscious parts, including the fork, battery, brakes, and drivetrain. 

It provides an estimated range of up to 38 miles with pedaling assist and 19 miles at open throttle unassisted. So if you don’t need the range of the Pro, the Sport is the version to get. 

The price of the APEX Sport wasn’t available at press time.

QuietKat Ranger
The QuietKat Ranger, in the camo color; (photo/QuietKat)

QuietKat: Ranger

With the Ranger, QuietKat offers a 2023 update of its most popular “hunting-and-fishing” bike. 

Its estimated range reaches up to 38 miles with pedaling assistance and 19 miles of full throttle unassisted. It comes with either a 1,000W or 750W hub-drive motor, seven-speed SRAM gearing and — new to this year’s model — two-piston hydraulic brakes.

“With a little less torque and battery life than the APEX mid-drive options, the Ranger is off-road capable and ready with a built-in rear rack,” the brand said. 

The bike’s price tag ranges from $3,000 to $3,600, the website said.

QuietKat Pioneer
The QuietKat Pioneer, its entry-level e-bike; (photo/QuietKat)

QuietKat: Pioneer

Intrigued about the possibilities of hunting with an electric bike, but not quite willing to immediately fork over the cash for the above models? 

QuietKat offers the entry-level Pioneer, it’s most affordable all-terrain bike. The Pioneer’s integrated battery design has either a 750W or 500W hub-drive motor. It provides an estimated range up to 29 miles with pedaling assist and 14 miles of full throttle unassisted.

The bike’s single-speed gearing is simple and easy to maintain, QuietKat said. A rigid fork coupled with cushy 4-inch tires “keep your hands comfortable,” the company said. 

For the Pioneer, pricing ranges from $2,000 to $2,600, depending on the battery option.

Learn more on QuietKat’s website.

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