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QuietKat Announces Lynx E-Bike: Cafe Moto Styling, Off-Road Chops

QuietKat's latest e-bike taps into cafe moto culture for a stripped-down ride equipped with a two-speed, 1,000W hub motor.

The Lynx e-bike by QuietKatThe QuietKat Lynx e-bike; (photo/QuietKat)
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The lines between motorcycles and e-bikes continue to blur, never more so than with QuietKat’s freshly announced project, the Lynx.

QuietKat’s latest addition to its e-bike family sports a two-speed, 1,000W hub motor with a twist throttle to get you going and two-piston hydraulic disc brakes to slow you down.

But it’s the design elements that really catch the eye. QuietKat built the Lynx in “cafe moto” style, an aesthetic born from British motorcycle-modding in the 1960s. In cafe moto, the idea is to strip a bike of everything but the most essential pieces for maximum speed and handling, resulting in a minimalist, lean-and-hungry look.

The QuietCat Lynx
The QuietKat Lynx; (photo/QuietKat)

The Lynx certainly seems to uphold this promise. A casual observer could be forgiven for thinking it’s a gas-powered project bike. Beefy off-road tires (24 x 4.5 inches) certainly help that illusion, as does the custom-sewn synthetic leather saddle.

But this baby stays true to its e-bike DNA with an integrated rear storage rack, lights, and all the phone connectivity and smart features you’ve come to expect from the latest generation of electrified bicycles.

Want to take the Lynx off road? QuietKat knew you would and designed it accordingly. The Lynx includes mechanical coil shocks with 203 mm of travel up front and 100 mm in the back.

“[The Lynx] is a fun and powerful ride that is aimed [at] the discerning user who demands the latest technology and a premium ride. Able to tear up the road in style, then go further when the pavement ends, the Lynx is a fully capable off-road technical machine that can tackle the roughest terrain,” QuietKat claimed in a press release.

Want to Ride a QuietKat Lynx? Here’s How

As of this writing, there’s no information about the Lynx’s range or battery size. We know it will be available in late summer 2023 with an MSRP of “around $4,000.”

If you have to get your hands on one before then and happen to live within spitting distance of Las Vegas, you might be in luck. QuietKat is previewing the Lynx at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Look for booth #2082 or mosey over to the demo track in the adjacent hall to take the Lynx for a test ride.

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