Magnetic ‘Pins’ Hold Race Number, Don’t Harm Clothes

Anyone who has run a race knows the drill — pick up your race number and a handful of safety pins, and avoid poking yourself as you stab your $50 tech shirt with sharp metal.

race number magnet pins

A new product aims to eliminate the safety pins from the race-day ritual.

Racxers (pronounced “racers”) magnetic pins are simple — align one half of the magnetic connectors on top of your race number, then use magnets on the inside of your shirt to hold them in place.

We saw the product at the Outdoor Retailer trade show and it seems clever. More than simply two attracting magnets, the shape of Racxers magnetic pins helps them interlock and hold your number fast, the company claims.

The clips are light, about three grams, or the weight of a penny.

racxers pins

The product was developed in conjunction with U.S. Olympic cross country skier Torin Koos. We haven’t tested it yet, but the company claims the attachment is secure and doesn’t harm clothing.

So if you’re sick of seeing holes appear in your favorite race-day apparel, check out the company’s fund-raiser. A four-pack of Racxers magnetic pins costs $20 on Kickstarter now.

Sean McCoy

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