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Reynolds Releases Gravel Series Wheels With Upgraded Blacklabel Options

Looking for new performance wheelsets for gravel from a trusted name? Check out the new ATR and Gravel wheels from Reynolds.

Gravel riding is often defined by its lack of clear definition. Ask a dozen gravel racers to define the sport, and you will likely receive many different answers.

While that’s part of the sport’s appeal, it also creates challenges for bike manufacturers trying to design and sell the “perfect” gravel setup. That’s why Reynolds has released two new wheelsets for gravel, each tackling different aspects of gravel use while remaining versatile.

The two wheelsets — ATR and G Series — come in three tiers, with the Blacklabel versions at the mid-tier and top tier. Both Blacklabel tiers include hubs with a Reynolds shell design and lauded Industry Nine Torch internals.

Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Expert
Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Expert

ATR: All Terrain Road

Reynolds’ ATR wheels aim for riders who “prefer their adventure at speed.” The design attempts to marry aerodynamic efficiency with durability on mixed terrain.

The ATR wheels have 40mm deep rims and a wider, snub-nosed aero design meant to accommodate the larger-size tires. At 23 mm, the hooked, tubeless-ready internal channel is compatible with road and gravel tires from 28 to 45 mm.

Using the company’s CR3 layup process, the wheels are lightweight but still come with Reynolds’ lifetime guarantee. The hubs also reduce rolling resistance and increase power transfer, the company said in its press release.

While the normal ATR wheels come with a TR2 hub, the mid-tier ATRx comes with a Reynolds all-road hub. The top-tier Blacklabel ATR comes with a co-developed hub that sports a Reynolds shell with Industry Nine Torch internals.

Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro
Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro with Industry Nine Torch hub internals.

G Series

The G Series prioritizes light weight and strength with a lower 26mm profile and a sophisticated carbon layup.

Reynolds claims the wheels achieve an “amazing” balance between weight and durability through its proprietary Impact Dispersing Matrix method. (Though this feature only applies to the mid-tier and top-tier models.)

The Reynolds G700 and G650 wheels are 700c and 650b in size, respectively. Their 25mm internal channel, both hookless and tubeless in design, works with both gravel and MTB tires from 38mm to 52mm.

At the bottom tier, the G700 and G650 use a new Reynolds hub dubbed the SR. Moving up the ladder, the Blacklabel Expert, or mid-tier for the G Series, incorporate another new hub named the SBX road hub. At the top end, Blacklabel Pro, riders get a Reynolds hub shell with Industry Nine Torch internals.

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