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Life Is Jort: Watch Ripton’s Denim Quest for Rad Rides and California Dreams

The performance denim brand hit the road in a beat-up old Honda Accord with a singular mission: to go Coastal Cruising and find the California of their dreams. And of course, they brought their mountain bikes.

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It started as so many California adventures do — with a vision of a promised land and a road trip map. The Ripton crew wanted to find that mythical California, the place that had enchanted John Steinbeck and bewildered Jack Kerouac, where surf culture was born, and where Gary Fischer first coined the term “mountain biking.”

So, they traveled to the southern California border with Mexico and bought a refurbished 1986 Honda Accord from a man named Esteban. They got a hitch welded on and loaded their mountain bikes up. Then, they started north. And the Ripton folks — decked out in denim — started ripping.

Part road trip video, part mountain bike shred fest, “Coastal Cruising” is a snapshot from a classic California road trip, an adventure in the true spirit of Ripton. Life is jort, as the brand says.

So, why not buy a beater Honda and drive it 1,000 miles up the coast on a search for the American Dream? Why not take to the road with all the performance denim you can get your hands on?

“Californians originally had to be the most adventurous dreamers, unsatisfied until they got all the way to the coast,” the brand writes on its webpage for “Coastal Cruising.” “That’s the genesis of the elusive aesthetic and lifestyle we’ve been searching to find. Based on what we saw on this trip, it seems like some of them still dream.”

For more highlights from the Ripton Coastal Cruising video, check out the brand’s website. You’ll also find the brand’s whole lineup of performance jorts, jeans, jean jackets, and vests if you need some more denim in your life.

Runtime: 4 minutes, 55 seconds

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