Ryan Leech Mountain Bike Wheelie

Wheelie Challenge: Learn a Sweet Bike Trick for Charity

Learn one of the coolest tricks and enjoy one of the best feelings you can have on a bicycle — for free.

Track stands, tail whips, and skid stops — there’s almost no limit to the types of tricks you can pull off on a bicycle. But there’s perhaps no more iconic maneuver on two wheels than the wheelie.

And while riding along, balanced solely on your rear tire, looks like the kind of skill only seasoned mountain bikers learn, you too can actually master the “manual.”

To help everyone stuck at homestay active, PEARL iZUMi athlete, pro rider, and mountain bike coach Ryan Leech is offering a tutorial for free. The 30-Day Wheelie Challenge incorporates mind work, theory, practice exercises, and more into individual lessons.

And while Leech offers all manner of instruction online for subscribing members, the 30-Day Wheelie Challenge will be free to access starting April 1. Not only that, but for everyone who registers, PEARL iZUMi will also donate $1 to youth cycling nonprofit Trips for Kids.

What are you waiting for? Learn cool tricks for free and benefit kids on bikes! Sign up here.

Adam Ruggiero

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