TGR’s ‘Esperanto’ MTB Film Explores the Universal Language of Riding Bikes: Watch Trailer

TGR’s new film ‘Esperanto’ travels the world over to focus on the universal connection that is biking.

TGR is at it again and brings forth the trailer for its latest MTB film, “Esperanto.” Premiering in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 16, “Esperanto” is an action-packed ode to bicycling that highlights bikers from varied backgrounds.

The international project highlights bikers from Zambia, Japan, Spain, Canada, and other countries. It also has a hometown connection to bikers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where TGR is based.

“Our vision for the film was to combine riding and stories from around the world into a cohesive tapestry,” said Jeremy Grant, the film’s director. “Despite our differences and the distance between us, bikers are brought together by a mutual love for the sport. The film showcases the world’s best riders in the coolest places, but instead of leaving the segments to speak for themselves, we use the overarching theme of a universal language of expression to tie it all together.”

This trailer provides a visually exotic look into the expanse of mountain biking and how we can connect on the bike.

From the unsung heroes to the biggest names in the sport, “Esperanto” highlights the many faces of mountain biking. It shows that no matter our native roots, biking is a universal language.

Athletes in the film include Alma Wiggberg, Andreu Lacondeguy, Blake Hansen, Brage Vestavik, Brandon Semenuk, Brooke Anderson, Cam Zink, Carson Storch, Chelsea Kimball, Darren Berrecloth, Emil Johansson, Gift Puteho, Hannah Bergemann, Johny Salido, Justin Wyper, Kurt Sorge, Kyle Strait, Lukas Skiöld, Nico Vink, Rene Arévalo, Samantha Soriano, Sophie Gregory, and Tomomi Nishikubo.

Runtime: 3-minute trailer

Film premiere date: June 16, 2022

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