Rider Paralyzed, Trek Corp. Recalls 1 Million Bikes

In a major recall, Trek Bicycle Corporation is asking customers to bring bikes sold with disc brakes and a front quick-release lever to bike mechanics at Trek retailers for a check.

Trek notes if the quick release is improperly adjusted or left open it can become caught in the front disc brake, potentially causing a crash.



Tragically, reported on CNN, one accident resulted in a rider being permanently paralyzed. A lever interfering with a disc can seize up the wheel to result in an abrupt stop.

Trek bicycles built from 2000 to 2015 with disc brakes are the models being recalled. See the details from Trek here or call 800.373.4594.


Trek retailers will provide a free replacement of the quick release for recalled bikes, including installation as well as a $20 coupon for the inconvenience.

See the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission notice on the recall for more information.