wahoo elemnt roam
Wahoo releases an updated version of the ELEMNT ROAM; (photo/Wahoo)

Wahoo Updated ELEMNT ROAM Bike Computer Offers Benchmark Accuracy at Lower Price

With its latest update of the ELEMNT ROAM, Wahoo claims to have the least expensive dual-band GPS computer on the market.

When Wahoo released the original ELEMNT ROAM 3 years ago, it’s safe to say we liked it.

The bike tech company has now dropped an update of its flagship bike computer with dual-band GPS, a more colorful screen, and additional memory.

Thankfully, Wahoo didn’t needlessly change features that cyclists already loved — as often happens with gear and software updates. The same navigation and user-friendly interface remain intact. So does the computer’s compatibility with other apps.

“The new ELEMNT ROAM works to make riders’ GPS experience as seamless and accurate as possible while also providing unsurpassed data accuracy for athletes in a simple, easy-to-use product,” Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia said in a press release.

wahoo elemnt roam
Wahoo’s new version of the ELEMNT ROAM bike GPS computer costs $20 more than the original released in 2019; (photo/Wahoo)

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: Boosted GPS and Colors

With a price tag of $400, Wahoo claims the new ELEMNT ROAM is the least expensive dual-band GPS computer you can find. This new-fangled GPS has become a standard update for smartphones and GPS devices.

For those unfamiliar, the tech allows GPS receivers to track two satellite signals, making it easy for accurate readings in harsh environments — like dense forests or busy downtowns.

Wahoo also improved on the screen of the original ELEMNT ROAM, which was the first to offer colors (up to eight). The ELEMNT BOLT V2 and the updated ELEMNT ROAM now have a 64-color screen.

The company said that the higher-contrast screen allows users to more easily navigate workouts, mapping data, graphs and other data fields on the device.

wahoo elemnt roam screens
The updated ELEMNT ROAM offers improved connectivity to Wahoo’s other devices, as well as compatibility with third-party apps like Strava; (photo/Wahoo)

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: More Memory, Climbing Features

The original ELEMNT ROAM came with 4 GB of memory — not too shabby but still small enough to require switching out maps now and then.

Wahoo gave a significant upgrade in this category. It boosted the memory to 32 GB, empowering riders to store even more regional map packs and routes.

There’s also an updated Summit Segments Climb feature. This existing feature now auto-detects climbs in preloaded routes and shows completed ascents and in-depth info on upcoming inclines.

The device has the same battery life (17 hours), despite the improved screen and GPS.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: Training Program

Wahoo’s updated bike computer has new training features available through the company’s subscription program.

Riders can now sync their workouts with the device. This allows access to “structured outdoor workouts” and a complete workout history through the Wahoo app. The ELEMNT ROAM is also compatible with all of Wahoo’s other devices. That includes connectivity to its Kickr Smart Trainers and Kickr Bike for indoor workouts, as one example.

Triathletes will likely welcome the computer’s “multisport handover” function. This enables riders to record one activity across different legs of a triathlon via the computer and Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL smartwatch.

Learn more on Wahoo’s website.

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