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Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 Review: High-Performance Women’s Enduro Bike Adapts to Any Terrain

The new 2023 Intrigue LT family of enduro bikes from Liv include a variety of builds up to $12,500 with electronic shifting and suspension and an adaptable frame for the ultimate day-to-day customization.

Portrait of the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 mountain bike for women; (photo/Eric Phillips)The Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 mountain bike for women; (photo/Eric Phillips)
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In April 2023, the female-dedicated brand launched the Intrigue LT, a long-travel mountain bike with the most generous suspension Liv offers to date. 

The bikes have 160mm of front suspension travel and 150mm in the back, which is steady across three carbon builds. These are the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0, 1, and 2. (Though the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 2 is not currently available in the U.S.) 

There’s also the Intrigue LT 1 and 2, with the same plush suspension but an aluminum frame, less glamorous components, and a softer price tag. The five models range from $2,800 to $12,500, with the top-tier ride accomplishing one of the most premium builds for ladies to date.

While we covered the initial launch, we wanted to get the bike on dirt for a full test.  For 5 months, I’ve ridden this bike in Southwest Colorado, mostly where I live in the Crested Butte-Gunnison Valley. Here, steep, continuous climbs and descents and chunky trails are available. I also enjoyed plenty of buttery singletrack and approaches via wide rural roads. The Advanced Pro 0 and I rolled over more than 300 miles and 45,000 feet of ascent/descent. 

In short: The Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 mountain bike is a lightweight, high-end enduro machine that comfortably rides the steeps and charges rocky terrain. The standout features are Fox Live Valve electronically valved suspension and three frame configurations via the new flip-chip Maestro 3.

In 2024, this bike’s name will be updated to Liv Intrigue LT Advanced 0, Liv Intrigue LT Advanced 1, etc. The technology and frameset will remain the same with minor updates to the specs. 

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0


  • Frame Advanced-Grade Composite 
  • Fork Fox 36 Factory Live Valve, 160 mm
  • Shock Fox Factory Live, custom tuned for Liv, 150 mm
  • Seat Tube Length 16.5 in
  • Seat Tube Angle 77.3 (Low), 77.6 (Mid), 78 (High)
  • Top Tube Length 22.9 in (Low), 22.8 in (Mid), 22.8 in (High)
  • Head Tube Length 3.9 in
  • Head Tube Angle 64.8 (Low), 65.1 (Mid), 65.5 (High)
  • Wheelbase 47.6 in (Low), 47.5 in (Mid), 47.5 (High)
  • Reach 17.3 in (Low), 17.4 in (Mid), 17.6 in (High)
  • Shifters SRAM AXS Rocker, 1×12
  • Rear Derailleur SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
  • Tires 29-inch tubeless Maxxis Minion DHF 3C MaxxTerra EXO (front), Maxxis Dissector 3C MaxxTerra EXO (rear), MX compatible 
  • Saddle Liv Sylvia


  • Long-travel women's-specific enduro bike
  • Adaptable, easy-to-change geometry with three frame options
  • Electronic shifter
  • Electronic app-controlled suspension with huge variety
  • Integrated storage compartment in frame
  • Super light carbon frame


  • Don't forget to charge your battery for electronic shifting (or carry an extra)
  • A big price tag
  • Bike personalization might be over-the-top for some riders
  • Long travel isn't necessary for those focused on cross-country, less steep, slower rides
Morgan Tilton on the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
The author test riding the new Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Liv Intrigue LT: So Many Options!

Liv offers the Intrigue LT family in an a wide array of builds. Across all five of the builds, the small and extra-small frames are only available in the “MX” configuration, which has a 29″ wheel in the front and a 27.5″ wheel at the rear.

Then, the medium and large frames come stock as a 29er arrangement compatible across the three flip-chip Maestro 3 settings. You can convert these frame sizes to a 27.5″ rear wheel. You just won’t be able to use the low flip-chip setting.

All versions have the new flip-chip Maestro 3 to adjust frame geometry, tubeless tires, Liv Sylvia seat, and storage in the down tube. 

One of the most significant differences between the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 and 1 is that the 0 boasts the Fox Factory Live Valve electronic suspension system.

Morgan Tilton and the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
The Liv Intrigue LT family has 160mm of front suspension and 150mm in the back on all builds; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Available Builds

Here’s a rundown of the collection with a handful of the contrasts: 

  • Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0: Carbon, Fox 36 Factory Live Valve fork, Fox Factory Live Valve shock, SRAM AXS Rocker shifters, Shimano XTR M9120 brakes, Shimano RT-66 rotors $12,500
  • Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 1: Carbon, Fox 36 Performance Elite fork, Fox Float X Performance Elite shock, SRAM GX Eagle shifters, SRAM G2 RSC brakes, SRAM CenterLine rotors, $7,000
  • Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 2: Carbon, Marzocchi Bomber Z1 fork, Fox Float DPS Performance shock, SRAM SX Eagle shifters, Tektro M745 brakes, Tektro rotors, $3,639 — in North America, only available in Canada and Mexico at print
  • Intrigue LT 1: Aluminum, Fox 36 Float Performance fork, Fox Float DPS Performance shock, Shimano SLX M7100 shifters, Tektro M750 brakes, Tektro rotors, $3,126 — in North America, only available in Canada and Mexico at print
  • Intrigue LT 2: Aluminum, RockShox 35 Gold RL fork, Fox Float DPS Performance shock, SRAM SX Eagle shifters, Tektro M745 brakes, Tektro rotors, $2,800
Morgan Tilton riding the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
The flip-chip Maestro 3 with three bike geometries launched in 2023 with a lineup of Liv Intrigue LT bikes; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Why Is a Women’s Long-Travel Bike a Big Deal?

Today’s Liv Intrigue LT is one of the few full-suspension women’s-specific mountain bikes with a 160mm front/150mm rear suspension. This quaint club includes models like the Juliana Roubion ($4,999-8,999) with an MX wheel combo. And the Scott Contessa Genius St 910 TR Bike ($7,600) can accommodate a 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheel setup. Liv previously released the Hail, with 170mm front/160mm rear suspension, in 2016, but the bike is no longer in the brand’s lineup.

While plenty of women enjoy riding unisex or men’s bikes, few women’s-specific enduro options exist. Liv only works with women’s-specific bikes, a dedication it takes further than most manufacturers. 

Bonnie Tu, female chairperson and former CFO of Giant Group, which owns Liv, founded the brand. Most of the brand’s employees — including the designers, engineers, product managers, marketing, and PR — are female. And the bikes are much more than just a different paint scheme on the frame.

As we’ve covered in the past, Liv’s frame geometry is strategically built based on compiled data on the female anatomy. The lineups and top-tier components extend to small and extra-small frame options, including 29ers and mullets, which many other brands don’t make.

Morgan Tilton riding the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
All you need is a 5mm hex wrench and 5 minutes to switch the frame geometry on the Liv Intrigue LT; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 Overview

Liv has an evolving family of Intrigue bikes dedicated to the trail category. In 2020, Liv launched the Intrigue 29, an aluminum 29er with the brand’s first flip chip technology, offering two frame geometries. That model was an evolution of the original Intrigue, a 27.5 platform. The Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 is its own animal.

This frame is made of a lightweight, high-performance, Advanced-Grade Composite that Liv manufactures in-house out of raw carbon fiber and custom resin. The frame is noticeably feathery — I’ve never loaded a hitch or cleaning rack with such ease. If anyone else picked up my bike, there was immediate commentary on how cloud-like it was. But the bike felt sturdy on the trail without the extra grams. 

I was on the upper end of a small frame size and went with the medium, which worked well for me. I’m under 5’6” with a long torso, so I would’ve felt crunched on the more petite frame. 

Every detail of this machine felt comfortable, smooth, efficient, and speedy regardless of the technical setting as the bike adjusted on the fly. This luxurious enduro bike was a Ferrari of the forest. 

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 rocker arm with Maestro settings
The Maestro 3 comes with two separate chips: one with the high/low option and one with the mid option; (photo/Liv)

Brand New on the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0: Flip-Chip Maestro 3

Of course, I love long descents as much as the next rider. But I love the entire mountain experience, including climbs, especially when the frame helps me do so more comfortably. The flip-chip Maestro 3 aided this by converting the frame geometry. 

Adjustable geometry isn’t new. The debut of the 2020 Intrigue 29 was an aluminum 29er with the original flip chip technology, which has two frame options — a high or low setting. That dual chip will remain on Liv’s analog Intrigue 29er range and e-mountain bike.

Liv introduced the flip-chip Maestro 3 with the 2023 LT lineup, and the technology allows riders to tailor the bike to three geometries. 

How Flip-Chip Maestro 3 Works

There’s a black-colored chip that I could easily pull out of the interior of the upper rocker arm of the suspension system. The bike came stock in the low setting, and turning the chip 180 degrees activated the high setting. A second chip with the mid-level option comes with the bike. If you want the mid setting, pull out the high/low chip and place the mid chip inside — don’t lose either of them! 

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 shock linkages
The Maestro suspension technology left a solid impression on us; (photo/Liv)

Most of the time, I enjoyed riding in the low position, which is slacker and increases stability when moving fast. Where I most noticed this geometry was how comfortable descents were on super-steep terrain. The tradeoff was less pedal clearance for rocky sections, which I didn’t love, especially on climbs. And the bike felt less precise.  

As a neutral all-around choice, the mid position brought more pedal clearance and was relatively comfortable for climbs. The high setting amplified both variables, decreasing pedal strikes — yes, please — and better supporting the climbing body position and handling. 

I enjoyed all the geometries depending on my mood and the route of choice. I preferred to set the flip chip at home to minimize trailside downtime, but others like to flip it between sections to optimize performance for each terrain type. All it took was a few minutes with a 5mm hex wrench.

Fox Live Valve controller on the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
The controller mounted below the top tube is the brain behind the Fox Live Valve system; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Electronic Suspension 

As stated earlier, long travel specifically designed around women isn’t expected. On the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0, there is 160 mm of travel up front and 150 mm of the unique Maestro suspension at the rear. Specifically, the rear wheel suspension is fully customized by Liv and tailored to women’s body positions, height, and weight for maximum traction, speed, and control. That rear suspension tuning process was led by Ludi Scholz, the Liv off-road category manager, in collaboration with the brand’s suspension partners and female testers.

While I frequently bottomed out the Liv Embolden — with 120mm rear, 130mm front — on the trails around Crested Butte, the Intrigue’s suspension wasn’t ever a limiter.

How Fox Live Valve Works

One of the reasons the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 is so top-shelf is it’s compatible with Fox Factory Live Valve, an electronic suspension system. The Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 1 is not and has the Fox Performance Elite system. Fox claims Live Valve adjusts the forks and shocks 100 times faster than the blink of an eye. The sensors gather input from the terrain and rider 1,000 times a second — that speed isn’t even comprehensible. 

Using the Live Valve app, you have five canned options for the suspension settings: Climb, Firm, Sport, Comfort, and Open. Most of the time, I used Sport, a neutral choice. Within each mode, you can adjust the sensitivity on a scale of 1 to 5. 

The Comfort tune allows the suspension to initiate suspension action with less bump force and stay open longer, while Firm is the opposite. Climb keeps the fork valving open and closes the rear, which aids traction on technical climbs.

You can also manually switch suspension modes using the selector button on the controller mounted beneath the bike. Finally, the app tracks rides and service dates for your suspension, a fantastic feature.

Liv Sylvia saddle
The women’s-specific Liv Sylvia saddle was comfortable and kept numbness and pinch points at bay; (photo/Liv)

The Live Valve system uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts between 16 and 20 hours when on. The battery charges within a couple of hours or less. The system automatically goes into Open mode when the battery is low or dies. This wasn’t the best for climbs, but it means you’ll be golden for the down track no matter what. 

Fox Live Valve Impressions

Mostly, I didn’t notice any funky issues with the system on rides. Whether I was on a climb or descent, Fox Live Valve correctly and quickly adjusted. Sometimes, I’d use the Firm mode for long ascents and switch to Open for continuous descents. I often put the mode on Sport and not think about it again. 

While I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Open mode in the rare event this system went down mid-ride, overall, the e-suspension was positive. I fine-tuned how the front and back of my bike responded to the terrain. And I didn’t need to turn a knob when the flow switched from up to down on the trail. Set it and leave it. Live Valve automatically adjusted compression and rebound damping.

Morgan Tilton on the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
The Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 excelled on continuous slopes. We also had fun riding it on lower-elevation desert trails with rock features; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Electronic Shifting

Many riders stopped to comment on the light purple sparkle of the frame. But just as many people asked me how the electronic shifting worked.  

Splendidly. When I pushed the controller paddle on the SRAM AXS Rocker shifter, the derailleur servo motors instantly executed the desired shift. Compared to traditional shifters, the experience was smoother, faster, easier, and less clanky. The chain didn’t get caught or hang. If I knew a climb or descent was ahead, the system could quickly, smoothly shift through multiple gears simultaneously.

Riders can program and customize the SRAM 1 x 12 system using the SRAM AXS App. The app shares the battery status and allows you to customize the controls, set up maintenance reminders, and update firmware. The small, light SRAM AXS battery on the rear derailleur charged in less than an hour. The setup goes into power save mode when the bike doesn’t move. A CR2032 coin cell battery powers the AXS Rocker shifter.

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 on a hitch rack
The glowing purple tone is called Mirage, which is as eye-catching in person as it is in photos; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Many things can interfere with mechanical drivetrain performance; cable tension and contamination are common culprits. Electronic shifting isn’t susceptible to those issues, nor did the performance change in harsh terrain, conditions, or weather. I found the system to be consistent. 

In the long run, there’s also less maintenance. Cyclists often swap cables once or twice a year on a traditional setup. Another advantage is that the electronic drivetrain can share data like current gearing and battery life to a head unit. 

Wheel Configurations and Tires 

The extra-small and small sizes of the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 are solely available with an MX configuration with a 29-inch wheel in the front and 27.5-inch rear. This configuration optimizes rear wheel travel and nimbleness while providing a stable, fast front wheel. 

A medium or large frame comes with a complete 29er set, which I rode and fist-bumped for the chunky trails and obstacles in Gunnison Valley. It can still employ a 27.5-inch wheel in the back. Riders can also run up to 2.5-inch tires for stability. If bikers put an MX arrangement on the medium or large frames, they cannot utilize the Low setting on the flip-chip Maestro 3. 

My 29er came with the Maxxis Dissector 3C MaxxTerra EXO tire in the back, which offered incredible cornering control on dry, loose dirt. On the front, the Maxxis Minion DHF 3C MaxxTerra EXO offered traction through corners and good speed. Overall, the quality tires and tread style thrilled me, especially for the long periods of drought we experienced this summer.  

Additional Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 Highlights

An integrated storage system is in the down tube with a low-profile latch, and a water-resistant bag is included inside. To maximize the small nook, I opted not to use the bag. I slowly snaked a spare tire tube inside, making my hip pack lighter.

I appreciated the two protective layers of plastic on the down tube and the chainstay. They look sleek and helped shield rock strikes and chain slaps, preventing damage. 

Of course, who doesn’t love internal cable routing and water bottle cage mounts. On a more aesthetic note, I (and everyone else) loved this shiny purple color called Mirage.

Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 Negatives

While I enjoyed the challenge of getting speedier, hauling down rock-scattered trails, exploring new zones, and weaving technical terrain — all of which this bike supports — I was initially a bit intimidated by the complexity of the electronic and app-controlled customization. I appreciate simplicity — like a hand-operated switch for “open” or “closed” for my suspension. I was hesitant to transition away from analog.

“Minute adjustments can be made with the electronic shifter, suspension, and frame geometry, providing a playground of options in a single bike,” writes Senior Editor Morgan Tilton; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Namely, don’t forget to charge the battery or bring an extra for the electronic shifting. Whatever gear you were last in, you’ll be stuck there if your battery dies — I only made the mistake once. Also, Live Valve awakens if the bike is in transport, so swap out the battery with a temporary block during long trailhead commutes. The Live Valve automatically shuts off when the bike isn’t in motion, but only after 1.5 hours of being stagnant, so it’s important to remember to turn it off. 

As with any software, Fox Live Valve needs updates. Also, Bluetooth syncs most of the time with the electronic suspension, but I’ve had the connection drop during ride breaks, so double-check before you restart. 

But overall, there were massive and beautiful benefits to all this technology.

Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0: Conclusions

Morgan Tilton riding the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
In 2024, Liv will update the name of the bike to Intrigue LT Advanced 0; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Once I started tinkering with the Intrigue, the opportunities to finely tailor the bike to the terrain felt endless. That robust menu was exciting. I made minute adjustments to the electronic shifter, suspension, and frame geometry. It was a playground of options on a single bike.

One of the biggest questions I ask when selecting a bike is, does the geometry support where I most ride? There’s a lot of steep terrain in the Elk Mountains. But I also like riding from my house on long approaches. So, I dug the ability to change frame geometry and found each of the three levels notably different in how they addressed various terrain. 

I also liked the long-term option of being able to customize and play with suspension through many options rather than only having open, closed, or half-open options. The app was super simple, and I always carry my phone, so it wasn’t extra weight. As far as charging the batteries, I built the step into my routine, alongside charging my phone and watch. 

Morgan Tilton and the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0
“This luxurious enduro bike is a Ferrari of the forest” writes the author; (photo/Eric Phillips)

Overall, suppose you’re a gal who enjoys hitting the bike park, racing enduros, and going fast downhill, steep slopes, or charging comfortably over obstacles big and small. In that case, the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 is a detailed, well-built, svelte enduro bike — built for women — and should be at the top of your list. 

While you might use the same settings for the suspension and frame geometry 90% of the time, you’ll have countless combinations to explore, a unique form of entertainment.

Is the Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 worth the price tag? Yes. But the top-shelf build could be too much, with bells and whistles that aren’t a priority or in the budget. If that’s you, but you love blazing down rock-tossed and perpendicular trails, check out the other long-travel models in this collection. Without losing the carbon benefits, the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 1 drops the electronic shifting and automated suspension, paring back the battery-powered tech and dollars. 

Morgan Tilton

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