John John Florence ‘Gravity’ Film Celebrates Monster North Shore Season

The surfer so nice he’s named twice made an epic film about an epic season on Oahu’s North Shore.

“Gravity” speaks for itself, especially if you’ve ever dropped into a big wave on a surfboard. That rush you get in the pit of your stomach and the thrill of adrenaline not only characterize the physical feeling of big-wave surfing, but they also anchor John John Florence’s new film about it.

In the movie, the Honolulu-born surfer and his brothers relive last season at the Oahu North Shore. If you missed it, it ripped. And you’re in luck — the Florence brothers’ film can help you paddle right back out into it.

If that wasn’t cool enough, check out the soundtrack, headlined by renegade country singer Paul Cauthen and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. And if that wasn’t cool enough, proceeds from the film will support Junior Lifeguard programs around Oahu.

Consider yourself pitted.

Runtime: 1 minute (trailer), 20 minutes (full film)

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