‘Brainwaves’: Balancing Professional Kayaking With Post-Concussion Syndrome

Returning to life after a severe concussion is a feat all on its own, but returning to extreme sports is a whole other venture.

Most doctors and treatment plans don’t focus on patients’ returns to extreme sports like kayaking — especially if that’s what caused the concussion in the first place. Post-concussive syndrome can plague patients for years, causing migraines, confusion, memory problems, brain fog, and more.

“Brainwaves” follows Brooke Hess, a top kayaker, as she navigates exactly those troubled waters.

In the film, Hess opens up to share some of the less-talked-about aspects of post-concussive syndrome like digestive issues, depression, and chronic migraines. Her journey isn’t uncommon, but it also isn’t talked about enough. Maybe “Brainwaves” is a step in the right direction.

Runtime: 10 min.

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