Watch Why Kelly Slater Said ‘Brazil’s Like Nowhere Else’

Barrels on barrels. Vibes on vibes. Surfing’s most storied competitor shows off his style in this gorgeous short.

Kelly Slater’s “Lost Tapes” returns this week with a raucous episode in Brazil. Watch the legend explore, prospect, crowd-please, and even wipe out behind the tow ski. (It wasn’t really his fault.)

Oh yeah: Slater’s competitive side also flares up throughout. Tranquil segments set to chill tunes keep the tone mellow, but cuts from badass World Surf League head-to-heads against the likes of John John Florence and Seth Moniz reveal Slater’s sharper edge.

Episode 5 of the “Lost Tapes” is live now. Press play, get lost.

Runtime: 21.5 minutes

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Wildlife and Wild Waves in West Ozzie: Kelly Slater's 'Lost Tapes' Rips
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