Ride Minnesota’s ‘Wave of the Century’ With Ben Gravy

Surfer Ben Gravy has spent this winter barnstorming the American Midwest, catching swell after swell. The trip came to a head when the crew caught Minnesota’s best surfing day in memory.

You read that right. Gravy doesn’t believe it either. “When I woke up this morning, I didn’t know if my life was real,” Gravy wrote on his YouTube channel. “Not only had we just scored waves, a literal first ever, on a lake in Nebraska, but we were on our way to score the swell of the century in Minnesota?!”

To make the score, Gravy would have to contend with wicked cold at Lake Superior. Eight-degree-Fahrenheit air temperature, a minus 15-degree F wind chill, and 33-degree F water greeted the surfer and his crew at the snowbound Minnesota beach.

But the pipeline in front of them was, as lake surf veteran Eric Wilkie had promised, massive (12 feet? 14?) and well-shaped. The conditions led to only one logical course of action: “Shred it and forget it, dude!”

Get the whole story of the highly successful harebrained adventure in Gravy’s new self-produced short.

Runtime: 22 minutes

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