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Monitor Your Airstream in Your Vehicle Through Apple CarPlay

With Apple CarPlay integration, many Airstream owners can now check on temperature, battery status, and even tire pressure — in real time right in their vehicle.

airstream trailerAirstream's trailer monitoring app now supports Apple CarPlay; (photo/Airstream)
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Owners of Airstream’s iconic trailers will soon be able to monitor the trailer’s systems right on their vehicle’s infotainment screen through Apple CarPlay, the company announced Thursday.

The Airstream Smart Control app can soon connect to the tow vehicle through Apple CarPlay. This development aims to provide owners of Airstream travel trailers — both the Airstream Classic and Pottery Barn Special Edition — a streamlined method to monitor RV health and functions. It works while towing and when owners are away from the trailer adventuring.

Integrating with CarPlay can potentially decrease driver distractions, among other benefits, Bob Wheeler, Airstream’s President and CEO, said in a press release.

“Airstream Smart Control’s ability to put information at the owners’ fingertips allows them to spend more time enjoying their adventures,” Wheeler said. “CarPlay increases convenience and reduces driver distraction, which makes it a natural and powerful way to expand Smart Control’s utility and further improve the Airstream owner experience.”

A view of Apple CarPlay; (photo/Airstream)

Apple CarPlay: Tow & Camp

The updated Smart Control app will feature two main modes: Tow Mode and Camp Mode. The former provides updates on RV systems such as tank levels and battery status. Classic trailer owners can also use it to check tire pressure.

Camp Mode, on the other hand, allows monitoring of the internal temperature and power systems. The temperature function is geared toward ensuring the safety of pets inside the RV, the company said.

Users can switch between these two modes on the Smart Control app’s homepage, and now through your vehicle’s infotainment screen with CarPlay.

Airstream Smart Control App CarPlay Integration

A collaboration between Airstream and THOR Industries’ Global Innovation Team led to the new compatibility. THOR Industries and Airstream just provided a preview of the Smart Control’s CarPlay integration to members of the RV industry, with a release expected later this year, according to the press release.

THOR Industries also plans to launch its suite of trailer monitoring apps on CarPlay in 2024.

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