Tour This Zombie Apocalypse Skoolie and Make Some Doomsday Plans

Picture me rollin’, covered in zombie guts in this 2003 International Bluebird school bus.

Among all the myriad preppers out there, “Gordo From Earth” might have hit the nail most squarely on the head.

Not with a bunker filled with MREs, or a backpack with a special machete holster — but with a skoolie!

How else are you gonna speed away from the pursuing zombie hordes, run over the oncoming ones, and do so in the comfort of your own mosquito-netted patio/pillbox?

OK, Gordo’s rig is a lot more practical than that — even though the instrument panel looks like the cockpit of Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter.

But again, I digress! In truth, Gordo’s skoolie makes sense, from the blackout-proof electronics to the multiuse rear deck fitted with a crane. Just do yourself a favor and let him explain it.

Runtime: 22 minutes

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