Happier Camper 2022
Happier Camper debuts two new studio apartments at Outdoor Retailer; (photo/Happy Camper)

Happier Camper Launches Studio Apartment and Storefront on Wheels

Innovative, lightweight, and highly customizable, Happier Camper is launching two of its newest trailers at Outdoor Retailer. Feast your eyes on the towable living spaces: the Studio and the Venture.

Camping, RVing, and outdoor living continue to evolve. Now, Happier Camper, a modular fiberglass travel trailer brand that started in 2014, reveals unique and luxurious ways to camp off-grid — and ways to house a business.

They aim to make a splash at Outdoor Retailer’s Summer Market (OR) this week by launching two new trailers in Denver. Attendees are encouraged to explore the Studio and the Venture models on display. They may even inspire viewers to explore designs and create their own virtual custom builds.

Happier Camper 2022
A Happier Camper Venture in the wild of a wedding; (photo/Happier Camper)

“With the Studio and Venture, we appeal directly to campers who want a self-contained solution and businesses who want to take their services to wherever their customers gather,” explained Derek May, founder of Happier Camper.

Both the Venture and the Studio include Happier Camper’s Adaptiv modular technology, which allows them to be hauled relatively easily behind most vehicles.

The Venture

Happier Camper 2022
Pop-up party for whomever, wherever; (photo/Happier Camper)

This versatile option is designed for commercial uses and is scalable for mobile operations. This is because the Happier Camper Venture features two vending windows and built-in interior serving bars.

Small businesses like Equator Coffee and larger corporations like Samuel Adams Brewing have already been using Happier Campers with their specific modifications.

The Studio

Happier Camper 2022
Lounge space, bed and all; (photo/Happier Camper)

The Happier Camper Studio camper can come equipped for premium travel. This apartment on wheels has a kitchenette, bathroom, and shower. And for those looking to boondock or legitimately unplug, it also features solar power. So this lovely tow-behind can be self-sufficient and has traditional utility hookups if you want to plug in for a bit.

Happier Camper 2022
The shower in the Studio; (photo/Happier Camper)

Happier Camper Specs and Costs

The features that make Happier Campers unique come with a hefty price tag. Base models start at $29,950 and can increase sky-high, depending on how it’s customized.

The dry weight clocks in around 1,100 pounds, so it’s towable for folks with smaller vehicles. Sizes come in at 13 feet long, and their inside height is 6’1″, though this can change based on modifications as well as the widths and lengths of materials used to build them out.

Happier Camper 2022
Business or pleasure? Happier Camper tooled for it all; (photo/Happier Camper)

“We had an incredible response with the original [Happy Camper 1] and always intended to evolve the platform based on feedback from our community,” said May.

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