This Is the Most Compact Camper Trailer We’ve Seen Yet

This compact travel trailer is only about 3 feet long, but it expands to sleep two adults in a 7-foot camper light enough to tow behind any car.

A couple of years ago, we covered the Hitch Hotel. The unique camper design mounts a 240-pound, expandable camper shell right on the hitch of your car, no trailer needed.

Hitch Hotel Traveler

Well, this week, the brand launched a new product, the Hitch Hotel Traveler. Basically, it’s the original Hitch Hotel mounted on a small wheeled trailer.

The point is that a lot of smaller cars don’t perform well with a 240-pound mass hanging off their hitch. So putting them on a small rolling trailer and eliminating the hitch weight results in a much-easier-to-pull abode with higher cargo capacity.

Hitch Hotel on a Trailer

The original Hitch Hotel can hold 100 pounds of cargo directly on your hitch. Expanded, the platform can hold more than 1,000 pounds. It sits on pedestals built into the side of the trailer.

When closed, there are more than 60 cubic feet of storage. Opened, the Hitch Hotel provides a 135-cubic-foot sleeping space. That’s larger than a queen-size bed.

The original model launched on Kickstarter. It cost $4,499 retail with substantial discounts for early backers.

The addition of the trailer means small sedans can pull the Hitch Hotel. You can park the trailer, disconnect it from the hitch, and expand it. Then it can stay put in your camping space while you use the car for other trips.

Beyond that, using a wheeled trailer kit, you can carry more cargo weight inside the trailer, as it doesn’t put all the weight on the hitch tongue.

Hitch Hotel Traveler

It’s another clever addition to an otherwise interesting and unique product. Learn more about the brand, which is publicly fundraising now, here.

Sean McCoy

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