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Arctic Trucks and KRUG Expedition Debut Bedrock XT2 Overland Camper

KRUG Expedition and Arctic Trucks joined forces to make a big splash for both companies' debuts in North America with the Bedrock XT2 overland camper.
Overland Expo West 2024 Best in Show(Photo/Bryon Dorr)
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Our first taste in North America of both an Arctic Truck and a KRUG Expedition camper product was just revealed at Overland Expo West. The two companies are hopping into the consumer market on this side of the world with the Bedrock XT2 expedition camper.

Let’s dive into what this huge off-grid home on wheels is all about.

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

Bedrock XT2

  • Chassis: AT44 Ford F-550 Super Cab, tri-axle 6×4 drivetrain (can be optioned with 6×6 setup)
  • Powertrain: Powerstroke 6.7L V-8 diesel (330 HP), 10-speed auto, 63-gal. fuel tank
  • Dimensions: 176″ wheelbase, 263″ L x 95.5″ W x 90″ H
  • Tires: 365/80R20 43” Continental MPT tires
  • Camper: Sleeps 4, full-bathroom, 118-gal. water tank w/triple filtration, 60-gal. gray water tank, 1,450W solar array, 23 kWh battery bank, Truma diesel hot air/water system
  • Options: Hydronic heated floors, A/C, underfloor storage boxes outdoor kitchen, central air inflation system, etc.
  • MSRP: $690,000+

Arctic Trucks AT44 XT2 Ford F-550

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

“Consumers have more choices than ever in the off-road and overland markets,” said Kyle Leeds, Director of Sales of Arctic Trucks North America. “But for the signature Arctic Trucks capability, authenticity, and aesthetic, we offer a completely new solution. A unique combination of comfort, capability, and function are found in each Arctic Trucks conversion, derived from our ‘build in, not up’ design ethos.

“Extensive reengineering of the body, frame, and wheelbase allow proper fitment of large tires with minimal lift height for low center of gravity, creating true winter and off-road performance gains, as developed through decades of Arctic Trucks experience over hundreds of thousands of miles of R&D on the glaciers and polar caps.”

The Arctic Trucks AT44 Ford F-550 has been tested extensively on the commercial market in North America for about 2 years already. The Bedrock XT2 overland camper build in collaboration with KRUG Expedition is the chassis concept’s introduction to the consumer market.

And it’s a big introduction! The F-550 is rolling on 43-inch Continental MPT tires and has a third axle. This setup is a 6×4, but Arctic Trucks can build them as a 6×6.

The setup has a rear dual-axle eight-link air suspension system, with independent in-cab air pressure adjustment. This additional axle was added to better support the large expedition camper box. Arctic Trucks says, “The addition of the third axle decreases ground pressure by upwards of 25%.”

All in, the AT44 keeps the truck’s center of gravity as low as possible while providing massive ground clearance, high float over soft terrain, and keeping the suspension geometry near stock for durability of all driveline components. Add in the included front and rear limited slip diffs, semi-automatic tire inflation system, and optional central tire inflation system and you have a truly formidably capable off-road beast.

KRUG Expedition Camper

KRUG Bedrock XT2

KRUG Expedition started in 2011 and is based in Austria. The company makes super-insulated expedition camper bodies and full turnkey overland expedition vehicles on large commercial truck chassis. The Bedrock XT2 is its first foray into working in the North American market.

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

The Bedrock XT2 has a 15-foot floor camper — plus cabover — on the AT44 F-550 6×4 chassis. The idea with this camper is to offer a fully insulated, remote off-grid-capable, and comfortable living quarters for travel in nearly all parts of the globe at any time of year.

KRUG accomplishes that tall order by using thick, reinforced sandwich panels with no cold bridges. It coats the panel’s exterior with a GRP laminate for extreme durability and strength.

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

For off-grid travel, the camper has a large 1,450W solar array and 23kWh battery bank, using quality Victron components. Water is also key to off-grid travel, and the Bedrock XT2 has a 118-gallon water tank with three-stage filtration.

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

A Truma diesel hot air/water system is standard, and A/C is optional. The full bathroom has a built-in toilet and a separate full shower.

The cabover has a king-sized bed and even a 24-inch TV. The rear dinette also converts to a bed, and it also has a big TV, a 32-inch in this case. In order to keep the Netflix flowing anywhere, the Bedrock XT2 is prewired for Starlink.

The KRUG Expedition Bedrock XT2 can be highly customized to each customer’s needs. The camper is already designed for things like hydronic heating in the floors and an outdoor kitchen built into underfloor storage boxes.

KRUG Bedrock XT2
(Photo/KRUG Expedition)

Arctic Trucks x KRUG Expedition Bedrock XT2

When you combine so many high-end components into such a massive vehicle with extreme capabilities, you can’t expect a small price tag. Pricing for the Bedrock XT2 starts at $690,000. While this is the first foray into the consumer market in North America for Arctic Trucks and KRUG Expedition, we can’t wait to see what other impressive machines the duo comes up with next.

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