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Leitner Streamlines Roof Rack Storage With Internally Latching, Side-Entry Gear Boxes

The company's new integrated system introduces several handy design features, like internally latching, side-entry storage pods.

a man opening a rooftop storage gameLeitner Designs just introduced some clever fixes to common pain points in the rooftop storage world; (photo/Leitner Designs)
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Leitner Designs announced today the launch of two new products — a platform roof rack and side-entry storage boxes. The new products, dubbed the Active Cargo System (ACS) ROOF and GearPOD ROOF, form an integrated system. Leitner claims it’s the first such system developed by a single company on the market. The company revealed the system at Overland Expo Mountain West, an overlanding event held August 25-27 in Loveland, Colo.

The Leitner Designs Active Cargo System ROOF and GearPOD ROOF form an integrated system.

“We reinvented and perfected the truck bed rack with the Active Cargo System (ACS). But no matter how good it was, ACS only served a portion of the vehicle market: trucks. We wanted to extend our design leadership and know-how beyond the truck bed to every other vehicle,” Leitner founder and chief designer Bernhard Leitner said in a press release.

“Just like we did for pickups with ACS, we reenvisioned the roof rack with ACS ROOF. We removed major issues and pain points, then we topped it off with the first-ever side-opening roof box, the GearPOD ROOF,” he continued.

Integrated & Sliding: How the Leitner ACS and GearPOD ROOF Rack Work

And just how does Leitner address those paint points? The ACS ROOF sports easily adjustable, “infinitely slidable” load bars that can be removed or added with the simple loosening of four bolts. Want more bars? No problem. You can keep adding them until you get a perfectly flat platform.

Leitner claims the load bars are nearly twice as thick as the industry standard (4 inches versus 2 inches). They also include extrusions designed to house electronic cables for easy and streamlined mounting of lights and other gadgets.

The Leitner Designs ACS ROOF
Thicker-than-average load bars that are easily adjustable. What’s not to like? (photo/Leitner Designs)

As for the GearPOD ROOF, well, the big selling point is the side-entry access (especially if you’re a shorty like me). You also get locking latches, spring-assisted struts, and an automotive-grade seal for those rainy days on the trail. Every GearPOD comes with attachment points for top storage, and each one can hold up to 100 pounds. Leitner includes two PODS with the set.

But here’s my favorite part — the GearPODS attach to the load bars internally with the simple flick of a latch. Not only is that an elegant solution that solves the annoyance of trying to attach anything to a roof rack, but it also means one less set of keys you have to keep track of.

The ACS ROOF comes in a range of sizes and can currently install on the following vehicles:

  • 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma
  • 2010-2023 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2017-2024 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450

It costs $1,300 and comes with all the mounting hardware you’ll need. The GearPOD ROOF system runs an additional $699 and also comes with mounting hardware. You can find both over at the Leitner Designs website.

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