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If You Can Afford A Yacht, Check Out This Mercedes Overlander

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If a Mercedes G 320 and a cruise ship had a baby, it would look like this. Meet the Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper, an off-road RV on steroids.

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper

Can I borrow half a million dollars? If that question has you waiting for a reason and not a punchline, then you, my painfully affluent friend might also be interested in this “family camper.”

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 CamperThe Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper landed this summer, and it is strictly for those whose main grocery-getter has a landing pad. The four-ton, 220-horsepower camp-a-saurus goes for a cool $420,000.

From what we can tell, it serves two functions: 1) Going far off the beaten path to far-flung adventures. 2) Sitting under your carport to remind everyone you can afford your own hedge maze.

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper

Orange Work builds custom luxury overland rigs in Germany and the Lennson 3C is a doozy.

The Mercedes G 320 chassis provides the foundation for the steel-framed, GRP monocoque body. Even with the fiberglass build, this beast still weighs nearly 8,000 lbs. If you’re a weight-conscious overlander, Orange Work will sell you a carbon fiber version, too.

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper

Under the hood sits a three-liter turbo diesel V-6 engine that cranks out 400 lb./ft. of torque. If that and the always-on four-wheel-drive can’t keep you out of any sticky situations, the standard front-winch will.

You probably won’t end up using the winch that often, though, with the 18-inch ground clearance and portal axles. Plus, you can raise and lower the tire pressure on the fly as conditions change.

Underneath, the modified suspension helps hold not only the vehicle’s own mammoth weight, but up to 2,200 lbs. of gear and rich people inside.

Inside The Orange Work Lennson 3C

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper

The body itself is single-piece construction, like a boat. It measures just shy of 19 feet in length, and on the inside boasts a spacious 6’3″ of headroom.

The Lennson 3C sports two showers, one inside and one outside – presumably for the truck. You don’t wash something this spendy, you bathe it.

There’s also a two-burner gas range, 52L fridge with 6L freezer, and full walnut veneer throughout. There’s a 6L hot-water heater, 60L wastewater tank, and 100L freshwater tank.

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper
Conspicuously unimpressive full-size foldout

Internal power supply for the living quarters comes from Li-Ion batteries that recharge via plugin or from the 3C’s dual solar panels.

There’s a dedicated dining area with a drop-down table. And the sofa folds out into a not-so-luxurious full-size bed.

Orangework Lennson 3C Mercedes G 320 Camper

Up front, the driver and passenger sit on full leather seats in a cockpit that’s separated from the camper with its own door. Because fancy.

If you want to see more, check out the video review from Germany’s “Explorer Magazin.” It’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to one of these. Unless you have that hedge maze.


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