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Apocalypse-Ready Trailer Transforms To Off-Grid Home

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Storms, relentless sun, howling winds — the nastier the Earth gets, the comfier this self-sufficient trailer home becomes.

Preppers and glampers unite, there’s now a camp trailer you can agree on. The sCarabane prototype could mark the future of off-grid camp—er, glamping.

The two-ton, 25-foot trailer folds out into a 2.5 bedroom, power-independent mobile home that allows you and the family to vacation indefinitely. It’s the trailer Optimus Prime would have if he were into the great outdoors.


sCarabane Off-Grid Camper

On the road, the sCarabane looks like a substantial pull-behind. But it truly impresses once it’s parked.

Both sidewalls fold down, creating a covered deck on one side. There are sleeping quarters on the other end.


Its off-grid features are as impressive. A vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) pushes upward, solar cells unfold, and a large parabolic mirror concentrates heat.

The turbine and solar cells each give 500 watts of juice to provide power for your electronics. The giant mirror heats up water for a sink and shower.


Set up takes about 30 minutes, according to sCarabane’s designers, Green Cat Technologies, which is based in France.

Inside, the trailer sports a large adult bedroom and a kids’ bedroom with two beds. A half-bedroom/den offers a third lounge area.

The kitchen has a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and propane-powered stove.

Trailer Rotates With Sun

We have not seen this point of innovation: To be more effective off-grid, the deployed trailer sits on a large rotating disc.

With it, the trailer can be programmed to track the sun and capture as much energy as possible. See a demonstration in the video below.

The sCarabane is still a prototype and its launch date has yet to be set. Price is TBD. But the good news is Green Cat Technology is full steam ahead to bring this to market.

The brand notes it’s adding rainwater collectors and nano-filtration to make it 100 percent self-sufficient and off-grid.

Once complete, the sCarabane will let owners bring a mini luxury home to remote destinations anywhere around the world, with power, heat, and clean water available on demand and off-grid.

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