Box Truck Tiny Home: How This Couple Made It Work

One British Columbia-based couple decided to scale back their lives in order to save money and chase adventure.

Marc and Jen downsized — a lot. In fact, the duo moved into a tiny box truck they named Tessa. Why? They work remotely and prioritize hiking, skiing, and outdoor adventure over where they live.

Thinking about tiny or remote living? Take some advice from the couple that lived in a box truck for 2 years.

In this video, Marc and Jen give a tiny home tour and talk about everything from decluttering the kitchen and building storage to engine mechanics and insulation.

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They built out their truck’s solar power, adapted it for wood and electric heat systems, and even managed to live in a ski parking lot for months in the dead of winter.

Sound like fun? Watch the full video to get some more off-grid living inspiration.

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