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If You Can’t Tie A Knot, Get This App

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“If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot.” The old saying explains a lot of the world’s messy rope work. But with the discovery of Animated Knots by Grog, you won’t tie a bad knot again.

How to tie a knot Grogs knots

I’m sometimes puzzled by knots. A few of them (bowline, blood knot) gave me fits for a while until I practiced them over and over.

Fortunately there’s an app for that, and it works supremely well.

How to tie a knot Grogs knots

Grog Knots costs $5 and easily explains every knot you ever wanted to tie. It’s animated, easy to operate, and walks you through step-by-step. It’s also available online for free, but if you want to use it in the outdoors, the app (Apple, Android, Windows) is the way to go.

Grog Knots: Every Knot Under The Sun

Can’t tie a necktie for that once-a year wedding? Grog Knots has you covered with five variations. Need the best knot for fishing tackle? The app explains more than two dozen.

It covers categories from “Arborist” to “Stoppers,” even “Surgery.”

Grog's knots category
All the categories available

Animated Knots: How it Works

This app is crazy simple, which is I why I love it. Open the app, click the knot category (boating for example), and then the knot (bowline, explained as “loop in rope end”).

How to tie a knot Grogs knots

Next, an animated slideshow walks you through the knot. Stop the show at any point and read the descriptions. Or back it up or forward a step.

No internet service is needed as this app lives on your phone.

So if you’ve ever wanted to tie an Alpine Butterfly Loop or Monkey’s Fist or Grog’s Sliding Splice, the app has you covered.

I’ve found it fun and useful, better than a knot book and always in my pocket. Pick it up on the App Store.

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