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Camping Scooter: Concept On Three Wheels

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[leadin]The Piaggio Ape helped post-war Italy climb out of economic despair. Essentially a three-wheel Vespa scooter, the motorized tricycle was prized for its low cost and fuel efficiency, and it is still used for mail delivery and auto-rickshaw builds around the world.[/leadin]


It’s about to hit the camping world, at least in concept. German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns took a modern spin on the Ape with his Bufalino.

Aimed at the solo traveler, the Bufalino is the minimalist camper’s eco dream. Under the shell, the camper is kitted with a fold-out bed, kitchenette, wash basin, storage, water tank, and a mini fridge — all the creature comforts of home but without the trappings.


The little concept wagon isn’t likely to hit the market anytime soon, but we loved the simple thinking, showcasing that good things can come in small packages.

Breezy laptop desk
Kitchenette includes a one-burner stove, work surface, supplies bin, and water tank.
Seat pivots to face kitchenette and folds down into a bed.



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