Camperbox Is Pre-Fab Sleep Platform For Van Or Truck

With only six pieces and under one-minute assembly, the Camperbox easily converts any medium-sized vehicle into a mobile camper.

The Camperbox travel and sleep in your car

Vehicles are weatherproof, mobile, and full of space, making them a great option for camping. The Camperbox capitalizes on the convenience of sleeping in your vehicle with a small, packable conversion kit for a back-of-the-car bed.

It works with two side panels, up to five cross beams for support, and a rolled up mat for a mattress. All of these pieces can change size to fit smaller or larger vehicles.

This concept is far from new. People have been building sleeping platforms in the backs of pickups and vans for decades. But this pre-fab version is reasonably priced and saves some time with the skill saw.

The kit is currently on Kickstarter and will retail for roughly $200, available in late April.

The Camperbox travel and sleep in your car

Camperbox: Mobile Living Made Easy

Van conversions can be costly and time-consuming. Permanent conversions complete with solar energy, built-in stoves, storage units and custom furnishings are not for everyone.

The Camperbox travel and sleep in your car

The Camperbox is a step above simply throwing a sleeping pad in the back of your van and below the classic Ford Econoline Conversion.

To see if your model is compatible with the Camperbox, the company’s site features a model list known to be compatible (notice the list is incomplete). The minimum size to fold out the bed is 35″ by 35″. The bed stretches to 70″ long.

We could imagine the Camperbox fitting in nicely on the quick weekend camping trip. The foot of storage below the Camperbox is a plus, as clutter can easily accumulate with a mattress in the back of your car. Plus, after the trip is complete, you can fold the seats down and retain full functionality of your vehicle.

Check out The Camperbox’s Kickstarter to learn more.

The Camperbox travel and sleep in your car
The Camperbox founders
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